Nou goes to work every day but Sunday.

Thanks for catching the error.

Nothing happened to me.

Do you have a laundry service?

"Can the Snow Queen come in here?" asked the little girl.

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You only need to ask.

Would you mind putting her on the phone?

I'm sorry to bother you, but we've got a small problem.

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Generally speaking, men are physically stronger than women.

The mother of that child is an announcer.

The engineer climbed the telephone pole.

What do you think Terrance is up to?

The seawater stings my cut.

Do you have a private medical insurance policy?

His dress betrayed the fact that he was a foreigner.

I love the songs sung by Kylie Minogue.

Hillel was a wonderful man.

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I think you've been trying to contact us.

Please speak more clearly.

Larry burned himself badly when he took the pie pan out of the oven without using an oven mitt.

I'm meeting her next Monday.

For he knew what was in a man.

No, that's not normal.

You can buy anything you want.


You can go anyplace you like.

With the coming of spring, everything is gradually coming to life again.

I want to do it tonight.


Are you sure you don't want to study at my house?

The house has pipes under the ground to carry dirty water away.

People only see what they are prepared to see.

Do not leave the console or accessories in a car with its windows closed (particularly in summer).

The cat is purring.

Have you ever grilled fish?

The papers got blown away.

Diana has been accused of bribery.

You will miss the train.


I can't sleep with all that racket.

The main tap is turned off.

That's precisely why I need to meet Ernest.

What are we going to tell them?

Time and circumstances bring wisdom.

Melinda consulted a dream dictionary in order to interpret his nightmare.

Carl says he still has no idea where Sonny is.


I took it for granted that he would keep his word.

I'd like stay longer, but I have to leave.

News of her death caused great concern throughout the country.

Mount Fuji is beautiful.

I can understand him perfectly.

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I had to have Rafik rewrite the report.


Nou removed the lid from the box.


I'll think about it and get back to you.


He was absorbed in thought.

I need your answer before the day's over.

They are all of my friends.


We came to an agreement on a price.

Nigel didn't get to school in time.

I think you're stylish.

She advised him to use a bicycle.

Mick felt that he was getting old.


Emil couldn't run very fast.


Laura, are you a teacher?

Meehan has always performed well in every job he has had.

I think Barrio knows something the rest of us don't.

The man was arrested as a spy.

The performance of electric cars has improved.

This was pretty expensive.

I guess I should get home to the wife.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Look at those clouds! It's going to rain.


I would rather die than disgrace myself.

We have suffered enough.

The reason Magnus is fat is because he eats too much and doesn't get enough exercise.

Maybe Hienz is telling the truth.

Leo isn't watching TV now. He's sleeping.


Why should you be surprised?

Gregg kept silent during dinner.

He looked on this role as his big chance.

She will protect you.

Did Jane have fun at the concert last night?

I've finished writing the letter.

I can't ask Victoria for that.

You have to understand that he died.

This doesn't make much sense.

This button has come off.

I think we're about ready.

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At a young age, I had to learn to fend for myself.

Turn off the lights and go to sleep.

You aren't busy, are you?

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I met him at Kit's house.

Darrell's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

Don't waste your time on trifles.

That's what we always thought.

I made cookies.

What he's trying to say is quite sensible in a way.

You don't have to dress in a mad rush; we've got time.

Duncan's flight was canceled.

It isn't funny.

This car is prettier than yours.

I didn't want to upset Masanao.

All you do is worry about silly, little things!

Don't listen to the man.

Have you ever spoken to her?

Please answer the phone.


My scarf is blue.

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He became a citizen of the United States.

He's cute but stupid.

Mott picked a lot of flowers.

All the people felt for the victims deeply.

I really should have called.

I think Sugih might have taken something he shouldn't have.

Of the four seasons of the year, I like summer best.

This dog runs very fast!

Why do you think Alejandro would do this?

"When internal examination discovers nothing wrong, what is there to be anxious about, what is there to fear?"

Kieran's happy not to be in your shoes.


Leslie isn't going to like this.

We've read what you've written.

I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.

I think Vice did that.

Gil is the owner of a supermarket.


There are many people that don't like me.

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Jimmy is easy for me to get along with.

That would be satisfactory.

Meeting my old friend was very pleasant.

Don't you think I know my own wife?

They've turned on us.


What kind of talk is that?

Are you unhappy?

I went straight home from work.

I know how you feel, Norma.

Let's slip away quietly.

A right angle has ninety degrees.

Jacob went diving with sharks.


My parents didn't suspect anything.


You have water running through your veins.

With winter coming on, they have to buy a lot of fuel.

I do not think so.


I go to the mountain.

He made little of his father's advice.

I got kicked out of school.

Let's extend our heartiest welcome to Miyake-san.

I can't give that up.

The road was under construction.

Emet's about fifty now.


"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."

I think that you're right.

Thanks to your initiatives we've been recognized as a progressive and forward-thinking enterprise by the press.

Do you see that ship near the island?

You must really like me.

I think God is a woman.

We will pay you according to the amount of work you do.

It's me that went there yesterday.

Take this one, for example.

I know it's not easy, but you've got to at least try.

Reflect on it a while. You'll see I'm right.

You might want this.

He risked his life for it.


One day, Elisa left for Madrid.

She is paralyzed in both legs.

I've been practicing hard.


She worked long hours as a nursing assistant.

I made an abstract of a book.

Now just a minute there. I hope you're not trying to tell me you're not going to pay the money back.

Tomorrow, I'll return the money you lent me.

They can't be ignored.


He was a hero of the war of 1812 against Britain.

The rain became snow.

Charles Walcot investigated the magnetic compass bearing sense in pigeons.