I wasn't told a thing about it.

The chimney is made of brick.

I managed to save them.

I went to bed late in the night.

You mean to say that you know the answer?

My hair curls easily.

The multi-talented kid speaks 5 languages and plays 6 musical instruments.

Come to the front of the classroom.

He is not a liar at heart.

Were it not for laziness, he might have been rich.


I'm not the one who hurt Sergei.

That's not how it happened.

It's a comedy movie.

Admission is free.

That hat cost fifty dollars.

That's also irrelevant.

It just got better!


I substituted flour for oatmeal.

We are located in Boston.

I should do it now.

Don't eat while reading.

A blood clot is good when it occurs on the skin and bad when it occurs within the body.


What matters most is the present, not the past.

Ping is in need of medical attention right away.

I want to hear more about this.

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Mrs Tanaka's characteristic curly hair was sticking up behind her ear.


We eat the meat.

She has plans.

Just don't leave me.


Neither of them was present at the meeting.

Irvin tripled his investment in six months.

Subra didn't know how bad I wanted to see him.


It's people like you who are ruining our country.

I wanted to say hello to her.

I don't feel like eating anything today.

How fast Miss Kanda runs!

I don't want to see you get hurt.


No single company should have over 10 billion dollars in assets. Now is the time to require the break-up of excessively large companies, in the same way as and for the same reason that Theodore Roosevelt broke up the trusts and monopolies.

She saved her baby's life at the risk of losing her own.

I really appreciate this.


I've got problems of my own.

I've had my hair removed permanently, so my skin is smooth.

Two Iranian professors of physics were assassinated.

Though very outspoken, purists do not comprise the majority on Tatoeba.

Ramneek eats rice at least once a day.

I'll change my flight.

He did everything with great impetus.

I talked with the Polish ambassador.

It is a must for an actor to know his audience.


Many people respect you. Don't let them down.

Since neither one of us could afford to take the other to the movies, we went Dutch.

The subject is too deep for me.

Japan's ODA largely consists of concessionary yen credit repayable in 30 years, carrying an interest rate of 2% or so.

The changes were surprising.

Be careful not to bump the table.

It cannot have rained during the night.

We won't forget them.

Both Wendy and Izzy are from Boston.

I know what the children are looking at.

Did you go to Rome during your travels?

When I take a deep breath, a pain runs down the right side of my back.

This isn't a trap.

Doesn't he just get on your nerves?

Are you going to cry?


What are you doing with the water over there?

I didn't write that letter.

Everyone was rushing around.

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I won't waste time trying to change Lois's mind.

President Grant had done nothing illegal.

My parents don't like my boyfriend because of his race.

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He managed to get himself promoted last week.

Luc does know that.

The policies are quite clear.

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My daughter is a communicative and inquisitive girl.

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We spent hours on the phone every day.

Kevan needs to resign.

We don't want to cause any trouble.

Why did you attack Roger?

Nanda threatened Hon with his gun.

Do you have a lot of time to relax?

Mr Ikeda wants to buy a new car.


What time will your last class be over?

Water and air are both fluids.

How could you not see me?

What'll Kazuhiro do with it?

Don't stare others in the face.

You can rely upon his being punctual.

Sylvan ate everything on his plate.

I'd like to hear from them.

They drew lots to see who would go first.

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They're yours.

Can you please tell Rajarshi I haven't made a mistake?

It would mean a lot to Spike if you helped him learn a little French.

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I want to buy a really good smoke detector.

My father used to drink 4 bottles of beer and smoke 4 packets of cigarettes every day without fail.

This example text is a how-to-write sample, so please add to and delete from it as required before using.


Noemi was charged with armed robbery.

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He wrote me a long letter.


Is there something troubling you?

Richard is resting now.

Marc was killed by the husband of the woman he had been hanging out with.

We walked in the park.

The Middle East is still called a powder keg.


I think he is honest.

This insanity has to stop!

Have you heard of her?

Don't sit down on the sofa.

Cherish this moment.


I have no fear of flying.

You are nothing but a student.

She was believed to have been a film star before.

It's all I want.

I really have to go now.

Do you have any idea who might have killed Kory?

Can you watch the kids for a few hours?


I don't think I'll have the funds by then.


Pilot showed Dion the photo.

Let him take my old ones. They are still quite new.

Our peoples have more in common than can be seen at first sight.

The yacht was at the mercy of the dreadful storm.

Are you using the MasterCard?


Josip is John's oldest son.


Cris won the thumb-wrestling competition.

I have to apologize to her.

Alexis put away his clothes.

I can't stand this hot weather.

As long as good people do nothing, evil will triumph.


How do we look?

Watch your step.

A boy is throwing a stone.


Randal never showed.


I got a call from her.

I want to kiss you.

The person reading a book over there is my father.


I'm planning to disguise myself as a doctor.

I miss that car.

Lars's dog likes to lick people's faces.

I have to watch them all the time.

I was in the car.


He was hanged for murder.


Emil is a little preoccupied right now.

Vibeke is a beautiful girl from Norway.

The man wore a gun on his hip.

Are you a girl or a boy?

Near the bed, the composite aluminium robot, with a human shape and with a rubber skin, cleverly painted to resemble human skin, glued to its body, was standing naked.

I really like her.

Let's go to the new Chinese restaurant on Park Street.

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What a colorful bunch they are.


Lorien has been following me.


I suspect that Vic is the one who stole the money.


She practises the piano every day.

Would you like coffee?

What am I to do now?

It's going to be fine.

The cup you just broke was the one Lanny gave me.

On their way back home, Stefan suggested that they stop and get something to eat.

Three workers were injured.


We wish to speak to them.

Jogging with you is a lot of fun.

We work on every day of the week except Sunday.

She was on verge of fainting.

Please give me help in taking this down.