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Can you see her moving?

Kusum saw that Matthew was upset.

He had a very heavy study program.

The struggle to succeed sometimes leaves people feeling empty.

Naren is a trophy wife.


I came to tell you that I'm resigning.

We're here because of you.

Do you think I should stop her?

I don't doubt your intentions.

Julie has wavy hair.

The crowd erupted into laughter.

Briggs is quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets to pick the kids up from school.

You're wrong, as usual.

We wrote three books.

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I was in a bit of a hurry.

How long have you been sitting there?

The sky is above the earth.

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Can you recommend a good upholsterer?


He went to Osaka on important business.

Ladies and gentlemen, now we start the movie.

He is a good speaker of Spanish.

I cannot help wondering if he will come on time.

Clearly, this is the most important point.


He always takes advantage of the mistakes made by his rivals.

He was a true patriot and an able diplomat.

You can read anything you want.

Would you mind if I ask why?

Father told me to reform myself.

Have you ever visited your sister?

She'll love her husband forever.

Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.

What do you do here?

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Michael's conduct was beyond reproach.

I don't think that there's anything left to fix.

I love the way you treat me.

Vincent fired his secretary.

Molly can be difficult to deal with at times.

Did he study English yesterday?

Gordon drove all the way from Boston just for my birthday party.

Let's get the others.

I don't know how to dance.


I have something for Marion.

Sometimes you should sometimes make a mistake to be properly understood.

She dreaded having to tell him what had happened.


The Commerce Department reports retail sales rose seven-tenths of 1 percent last month mainly thanks to strong auto sales.


No heat or cold lasts beyond the equinox.

Donovan often calls Randall.

I didn't swim.

I have read "David Copperfield."

Naren ended up becoming the owner of the company.

In England they have much rain at this time of the year.

He dwelt on an unpleasant subject for two hours.

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Liza was well prepared for the exam.

You might win.

Hurray for Italian women!

Show me a better one.

Lord is suffering from a serious disease.


Rita is Dan's daughter-in-law.

Interesting. Could you explain what you mean?

There's a picture of Horst on the wall.


You should not sleep.

Don't tell her that.

He has been absent since last Monday.

I've got a booger.

This is a spotted dog.


The royal wedding was a magnificent occasion.

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Can you think of anyone who might be able to babysit our kids tonight?

Did Jonathan say anything about this to you?

She gave me something.

That wouldn't really be a problem for me.

We'll meet when you return!

It is all the same for me.

In this kind of heat, I just don't feel like doing anything.


Johnathan has a couple of bank accounts Kazuhiro doesn't know about.


You'd better hold your tongue.

Veganism is true peace.

Am I boring you?

Don't play with me.

I have a business trip to France in the fall.


I'm trying to get in touch with Jeffery.

I am memorizing the national anthem.

Terrance can't read music, so he plays the piano by ear.

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Even though Alexis is on the team, he's just a bench warmer.

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It failed miserably.

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Can you tell me what Felix did?

How can you be reached?

It is unlikely that this indictment will lead to his deportation.

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I try to watch live TV as much as possible instead of recordings.


Jeannie stepped on Pandora's foot.

Her boyfriend looks like a monkey.

It's chilly outside.

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What do you think of them?

Masanao is dressed very nicely.

Wouldn't it be fun to visit Boston together?

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To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.

I'm going to have to ask you a few questions.

I was only gone an hour.

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You know that I don't usually talk like that.

The biker was bombarded by clouds of gnats along every mile of the bike trail.

The straits were too narrow for the cruise ship.

Your words provoked his anger.

Get in. I'll give you a ride.

Will you permit me to go there?

This is kind of boring.

Aye, what a pity! I thought it would clear up finally.

This bottled water comes from an iceberg.


We can only afford to buy a small car at the moment.

Corey teaches sport psychology.

I've been doing this for months.

Don't blame the victim.

I'm just glad Derek is doing that.


Once outside, I gave a deep sigh of relief.

There's a great variety of creatures living in the sea.

Philip, like Andrew and Peter, was from the town of Bethesda.

This pizza is really quite good.

Refer to the serial number whenever you call for technical assistance.


Nobody knows what happened to him.

There's a rowboat right over there.

The professor briefly and clearly described the topic of his study.

Don't act like you know everything.

Sanford said he didn't think Juliane had ever been to Boston.


I hope to cure my social anxiety one day.

You said you had a question.

I heard you talking to him.


He made for the door.

It's in front of a restaurant on 42nd street.

Let me handle Eddy.


They just want to talk to him.

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

Why would I need one?

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He is as great a poet as ever lived.


This isn't French.

I know I'm going to die.

One of my friend's dogs is fat.

I always wanted to travel with Curt.

They were lying on the grass.

I think you've already met her.

Carolyn likes that one.

Ken's team will win nine cases out of ten.

I'm just playing the devil's advocate.


He's rolling in dough.


The city of Rome is famous.

He is studying hard in order not to disappoint his parents.

We were imprecise.

Danny looked up.

There are many zoonoses, that is, diseases transmitted from animals to human beings.

You're not a lawyer.

Electric current is measured in amps.

Edwin pretended to polish her nails.

They should stay away from people like that.

He is driven.

Lukas knows where the money is hidden.


The translation isn't possible.


Howard still believes that.

His broken health led them to put him in the nursing home.

Even she doesn't understand me.


Reiner is always acting like she's better than everyone else.

I can't stand being cooped up in this prison!

I do not like people staring at me.

You're all wrong.

Tell me what happened to you.