Scrooge never painted out Old Marley's name. There it stood, years afterwards, above the warehouse door: Scrooge and Marley.

They are mere creatures of habit.

That's something worth considering.

What say you?

Put his address down.

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Rafik picked up the cards and began shuffling them.


He chewed his gum.

It does seem like an excellent plan.

You sound disappointed.


It was not long before we heard the news.

Francium is a chemical element of the symbol Fr.

Syun and Ramesh both graduated from the same university.

Mikael looks the same as before.

You should wash your hair.

Stefan can't hurt me.

The question is by no means easy.

Clayton and I'll be all right.

Marek never cared about money.

The last leaf of this book is missing.

I'm aware of that.

Can you tell us what you're wearing?

Different associations have criticized the Government's actions.

Cindy and Sjaak are going to get married next month.

It's really hard to comprehend.

I saw you at the flower shop.

This gadget is light years ahead of any other.

He's making the kind of face you want to punch.

He likes to live in that place.

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Please say hello to Sedat for me.


My house is north of the library.

Does anybody else know about these pictures?

Freezing rain is a rather rare meteorological phenomenon.

Can you tell me what you're doing here?

Lum looked for his name on the list.

I'm sure your father would be very proud of you.

I have big hands.

The U.S. housing market collapsed in 2008.

The forest is very beautiful in the fall.

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I couldn't bring myself to take the job.

Lance needs to pay.

She backstabbed him.

Jem and Rahul split a bottle of wine.

In fact, I was born in Boston.

I'd like to return this.

Takeuchi was careful not to say anything that would make Arnold mad.

Life is really tough sometimes.

We'd do anything for them.


I want to buy cooking utensils in one lot.

He said "NO" to himself. He said "YES" aloud.

This is no time to quibble over terminology.

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Norma didn't hitchhike home.


Curt broke his leg in a cycling accident.

Granville says he has no idea what needs to be done.

He was clearly embarrassed.

I don't think you can eat that.

It started raining, so I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.

He should be given preference over the others.

I'd rather eat somewhere else.


I hate the cold.

I ironed my handkerchiefs.

I know who we're dealing with.

I can't stand my crazy life.

My sister is too young to go to school.

She's afraid of losing money.

Your head was bursting with new ideas.

Tomorrow, the verdict for Vince will be announced.

An honourable death is better than a shameful life.


Truly you are the flower of my life.

He'll come after me.

I'm calling Ilya back.

It is necessary to have a license to drive a car.

Anthony loves you all.


Have you gone crazy?

Wealth, as such, does not bring happiness.

They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.

Do not worry about it!

You don't have to respond by letter.

I'm so glad you've come.

It is highly improper.

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He did not relish this simple family life.

We're not moving.

I've turned over a new leaf.

You're ruining everything.

If Marsha doesn't do what we've asked him to do, he'll regret it.

Kyu didn't look at the picture again.

You may go if you choose.

I'd be glad to.

They worked to help people.

What are you going to do during the summer holidays?

Do you see the big book?

Well, will Pushkin pay for the apartment then?

Could I have some of your beer?

I just picked it up.

Thanks, buddy!


I am extremely hungry.


He washes himself.

The plane took off easily.

Wait till the guys at work hear that your wife left you for another woman.

He complained of the room being too small.

My children don't speak French yet.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Are you sure there's nothing more you can do?

You should go to bed.

Jim went into the room quietly lest he should wake the baby.

He puts a lot of his interest in Japanese literature.

I'm wary of lending money.

They lived a happy life there.

I stole it from him.

She has changed a lot since high school.

Mireille Mathieu is one of France's best singers.


Now let's go.

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I wouldn't change places with him for the world.

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I wanted to watch that movie with you.

Who sends letters by mail? These days we have electronic mail.

Two weeks ago, I visited Disneyland for the first time.

Eddie didn't want Gregge to be in trouble.

She acted in the play.

Biography lends to death a new terror.

Hughes and Dorothy quietly slipped out of the room.

I thought you were a better chess player than me.

He doffed his hat when he saw me.

Who's your favorite American actor?

For a long time, every furrow that was turned revealed some fragments of the fight.

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Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have stayed in Boston.

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"It is when you overcome that, that a boy becomes something-something" "If you're trying to say something important sounding keep talking right to the end!"

Kyung told Jerrie that he wanted to break off the engagement.

He makes mistakes like everyone else.

Could I please have a glass of water?

That wasn't the problem.

He is not so foolish that even he can't see the reason.

Michael got dumped.

Even though I was sitting in the sun, I still felt chilly.

The number of people who die in traffic accidents is surprising.

Rodger saw how upset Stanley was and decided not to say anything more.

He took great pains in taming a puma.

Happy birthday, Shishir!

We have walked all around the lake.


I have an appointment tonight.

I'm sorry, I love you.

You looked scared.


She was reading a gardening manual.

I'm taking a bath.

I was just doing what Betsy asked me to do.

Sandeep has a lot of questions to ask you.

Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing.

This product is an intelligent integrated information system.

I came here to make you an offer.


I've always admired her.


Volkswagen's diesel cars emit as much as 40 times more polluants as they are allowed under the Clean air act rules.

Buddhism came out of India.

She had never traveled by subway.


What do you think about the films that we saw yesterday?

Has the fever gone down?

Chinese is the language with most native speakers in the world.

I forgot to call Mr. Ford.

Nobody sings better in the shower than Anna!

I can't believe anything Ragnar says.

She'll be gone abroad in another six months.

Murthy had a fear that he would fall down.

I understand the rule.

This is a little confusing.

They're not responding.


I wish I were as rich as Ralf.


Pascal got up and walked out of the kitchen.

Who gave you that black eye?

I have met neither of his sons.

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He hugged her tightly.


What was that song you were singing?

We've looked at a lot of things.

Swamy likes banana cake. On the other hand, Mechael likes chocolate cake.