If she were here now, I would tell her the truth.

They saw something suspicious.

Do you know it?

Can you repeat that?

Let's get ready to leave.

Use whatever you wish.

I think you should listen to me.

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Emily permitted me to live with her.

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Mikey has a hard time making ends meet.

I'm on a par with him in mental faculties.

I want you to stay tonight.


Smaller classes mean a higher standard of education, and that's what we want for our kids.

I dreamed about the girl I met yesterday whose name I do not know.

Wilson needed money.

You should've come sooner.

There's a big difference between theory and idea.

Her sons are in the garden.

We'll follow her.

It's not over.

Jeanette knelt down for a better look.

This is the first time I've heard this language.

I don't know how long it'll take.


I think I found what you're looking for.

He's different from before.

An average pride of lions will have approximately fifteen lions.

"How well do you know Gilles?" "I only met him once."

His ideas never earned him a single penny.

I want him to think I'm a good person.

I could use the practice.

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Do you play a musical instrument?


It's difficult to peel chestnuts.

She's feeling much better.

We can do a lot more than that.

Right now, Jeremy is sleeping like a lamb.

When was the last time you watered the trees?

I won't let him die.

Ahmet has resigned.

That was a very good movie.

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

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Tell Bud I haven't forgotten him.


He will remember us saying so.

A young girl is chased by an old man.

We have to bring the matter to a close.

It wasn't worth as much as they were charging for it.

We're having cold cuts for supper.


I can't distinguish the taste.

Delbert will never be able to do that without our help.

Any drugs or weapons?

Can I have a beer, please?

You need to teach her a lesson!

The heavy rain made a mess of the bonsai.

I cannot travel by plane.

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Mine's bigger than yours.


Have you spoken with them?


It's on the table.

That was the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Where is the dining hall?

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We tried to get Vice to help us.


Some children learn languages easily and others with difficulty.

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The tennis player was running on thin ice, so to speak.

I'm not as young as Earnie thinks I am.

I'll be back in October.


I think you might need to make a decision.

Nothing disturbs her.

Is that Milner's bedroom?

Somebody tried to kill them.

I don't understand electronics shoptalk.


You seem a million miles away.

Where are you going in such a hurry? We've got plenty of time, so drive safely.

It was only a hypothesis.

Hy didn't know the reason why Curtis didn't like him.

He stared at her with hatred.

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It's not my policy to kiss on the first date.


Darryl is mending the carpet.

What do we owe you?

Come to the party.

Shuvra couldn't get the job he wanted.

Excuse me, what's going on?

An irregular galaxy has an undefined shape and is full of young stars, dust, and gas.

Hurry up! We are all waiting for you.

Is there a garden in front of the house?

Bill is cleaning the pool.

We caught sight of a ship in the distance.

Umezawa has had the hobby of writing haikus since he was young.

I suggest you return to your room.

Can you at least try?

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She is thirty-one.

If you should happen, by any unlikely chance, to know a man more blest in a laugh than Scrooge's nephew, all I can say is, I should like to know him too. Introduce him to me, and I'll cultivate his acquaintance.

Klaus felt a little nauseated.

Manavendra refused to pay.

You didn't buy that story, did you?

Will Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States?

If you like seafood, you've come to the right place!


Where can I hide that no one would think of finding me?

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Calvin may need a new house.

Something is moving behind the bush.

The voice of the people is the voice of god.

Let me take this one.

He was surprised to find his stolen bag.

Take a rest, or you will be worn out.

Did you learn to swim when you were a child?


She had never seen New York before.

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It's almost time to get started.


Why would I want this?

I think Sriram was trying to make something to eat when we came to visit.

I don't mind the noise.

It's going to be another hot day.

He is a man of letters.

I shouldn't have eaten that. I feel sick.

I like summer best.

How was Hawaii?

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.

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Clem doesn't know what's really going on.

Don't use this bathroom.

I haven't bought any furniture yet.


Leave, you deer!

Who chose those colours?

Randolph was very dedicated.

When I started using a computer I was taken in by Norton's CPU hungry software and had a lot of trouble.

She advised him to leave earlier.

Prejudice is an opinion without judgement.

I have eight brothers and sisters.

I allow myself no sweets.

Wipe your face clean.

Raj said he felt weird just before collapsing on the floor.

The movie was interesting.

It aggrieved her much that she could not go.

Jon has braces.


He said to me, 'Study hard, or you won't pass the test.'

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

He left the meeting for no reason.


Why didn't you stay in Germany?

The evidence proved him to be innocent.

I think Manny is bilingual.

The essential points of my argument have been expressed in the preceding pages.

No one was arrested.

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I don't know when he got back from France.

More than half of the world's population lives in an urban area.

He must be an honest man.

You lost me a long time ago.

It's a job that would help me pay for my studies.

Children were apt to invent their own games.

The temperature went up to 30 degrees.


English is the subject I have the best grades in.

I fell down the stairs.

I want you out of here.


He will be playing tennis tomorrow afternoon.

Where do you usually buy clothes?

If you'd been here this wouldn't have happened.

Oblivia knows a good deal less than she thinks.

Does anybody have a match?

She kissed him on the forehead.

Rajiv went to the park by himself.

Are you willing to help us?

The tulips have begun to come up.

That won't ever happen.

I'll fix it.

Blair is waiting for an elevator.

Maybe Teruyuki didn't want to bother you.

It doesn't seem like you will become a singer, but it never hurts to take a few voice lessons.

He must be a quack doctor.


I am going to complain to the manager.

Call me old fashioned, but I can assure that I'm not.

Please turn down the volume.

Vladislav's grandfather knew my grandfather.

Today a child acting like a king, tomorrow a tyrant.