He put himself to much trouble on my behalf.

I think Rajarshi is going to love this book.

The members decreased by 50 to 400.


My name is Siegurd. What's yours?

The stadium was packed with excited spectators.

That man over there is Pedro.

Lois can do better.

We only have a few hours until dark.


Carl doesn't really care whether Judith likes him or not.


How does this bear on my future?

The phrase 'honest politician' is an oxymoron.

The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain.

I saw her tonight.

The film started at 2 o'clock.

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I don't see any other choice.

Nobody feels optimistic today.

Mr. Ikeda wants to buy a new car.

I'm helping him out with something.

Don't get involved with those people.

It is another story now.

Why did you invite him?

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

We're going on a hike.


I didn't mean to say that you couldn't join us.


One shouldn't take the hat away from a fool.

I have a present for you.

Over time, wooden doors can warp or swell, making the door difficult to close.

Douglas laughed to hear an American right-wing activist tell a journalist that she wouldn't support three politicians in the election. She said that one was satanic and the second a sellout, while she really didn't like the third fellow.

Please inform them.

Would you pardon me one moment, please?

Have you ever seen an unidentified flying object?

Do people eat well in this restaurant?

Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.


Let me tell you how this works.


Why didn't you wait for me?

The doctor prescribes it once a month.

I wondered if we ever would meet Jin.

Change underwear daily.

They used the Internet too much because they had some underlying problem that also caused them to neglect their child.

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She calls me often.

Everyone knows that you hit Polly.

"You know Hughes, don't you?" "I can't say that I do."

I think Jan should help us.

Where are the crocodiles?

The bank collapsed during the recession.

Quit joking around.


You haven't quoted the paper correctly.

This dictionary is of great use for students.

Are all the bars shut?


Didn't you tell me yesterday that you and your boyfriend had broken up?

Lee Leffingwell is the head of the Austin City Council.

The picnic was called off because of the rain.

I want to become rich.

Can I get you a refill?

Philip left earlier this morning.

Can I eat in my room?

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Each text should be of a different type.

I wouldn't do it for the world.

I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.


That's where my family is from.

The buses ran back and forth almost empty.

Frances is a danger to society.

There was no objection on the part of the owner.

Why do you have so many enemies?

He's flexible.

It's not safe here.

I'm trying very hard to do that right thing.

Mats felt alone.

He hates her.

Shawn took his place at the table.

She decided to take legal advice.

Let me join in the game.


I went all over her curves, all night, without wearying.

I need food.

I could use something to drink.

I probably shouldn't do that.

Gregory felt extraordinarily happy.


It'll be impossible to get a visa at short notice.


Did you see the game yesterday between the Hanshin Tigers and the Tokyo Giants?

Please change my room?

I didn't think Carol knew.

His fears vanished.

In order to distract the others, we brought up this irrelevant issue as a red herring.

All men who are lonely are lonely because they're afraid of others.

Meal time is sacred.

I have a sensitive skin.

Why didn't it work?

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I don't see any reason for rushing.

She is on death row.

Pat is very good at matching people.

They're too big for me.

Kerri already knows.

That smells delicious.

Mike filled the bottle with drinking water.

When a child, I would play with the toys.

There are 5 ICT rooms and a big sports field.


The flowers perished from the frost.

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It makes a big difference.

She's a trainee.

Many stars are forming within the galaxy.

When her husband died, she felt like killing herself.

Tahsin hopes to get the job done by 2:30.

Michelle doesn't need to thank us.

I am not in the least afraid of his threats.

The dog ran away at the sight of me.

Susanne never told me what he wanted.


You're a very special person to me.

I don't think you did this by yourself.

He often drives to the library.

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How much vodka does it take to kill you?

I thought you were a dummy.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

I have the same dress as you!

He cannot put up with hard training.

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Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday. Something came up.


He warned the children against playing in the street.

This company needs a new manager.

She liked Charles as soon as she met him.


I'm at the airport.

Renu was up when Skef came home.

I wish you could've met Audrey when you were in Boston.

Toft wants to look younger.

There's no way.

She pretended that she didn't hear me.

I'm calling to complain about something.

This interview has a different purpose.

She's a fashion designer.


Who kissed him?


I spent 3,000 yen on a new CD.


Vassos couldn't swim.

That's not the problem here.

The boy carved his name in the tree.


Drop in if you get a chance.


In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.

She married her classmate.

Did you see the way he looked at me?

I'd like to give it to Ravindranath.

After all day in the sun, Jwahar had a sunburned nose.


He's a senior.

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I have no name.


You'll embarrass Celia.

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Why is that baby crying?

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Antonio said that he had been busy.

Surya was tense.

My name's on the door.


Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding.

Why didn't you help him?

We'll think of another way.

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I'll get them to stay with you.


The forward kicked a goal.

Hamilton's lifeless body floated on the water.

I have run out of my traveling expenses.

I don't want to hurt anybody.

I have no wish to see the man again.

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You kiss your child a hundred times a day, don't you?

I don't want to say anything in a harsh tone at any time.

We made it to the top of the mountain just in time to see the sunrise.

Weather permitting, let's go on a picnic.

I like to play the piano.

The sea's waves have made me hear his poem.

Hiroyuki now knows everything.