You missed the game.

I guess I owe you an apology.

The internet can't commit crimes!

The dog ran around a tree.

How are your grandparents?

We decorated the Christmas tree with lights.

The orchestra began to play.

She must be from the South.

I've been pretty good.

There's something I want.


She went about the household chores.


What would I do if something happened to you?

Let me help you, if necessary.

Saad wouldn't tell me why he wanted a divorce.

What's your favorite leisure activity?

It is a cat.

Draw a straight line here.

I wish you a Happy New Year.

Ricky is sleeping in his chair.

We used to work together.


They criticized each other.

English is a language abounding in idiomatic expressions.

Craig wouldn't actually do that.

There's no new information yet.

I had to act at once.

You should read between the lines.

That noise distracts me.

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You're going to catch hell from your wife if she finds out.

I think everybody should try to calm down.

I'll show them the way.

You'll meet her.

I have a stomachache, doctor.


He was alone there.

There's some room for improvement.

Keep in mind that you must die.


You always called me from her house.

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I've finished cleaning the room.

Susan said you were sick.

Would you mind me smoking here?

Ole and Lui's kids have all now grown up and have families of their own.

When did Jerrie get back?

Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.

You are doing well for a cub reporter.

Pia always wears black.

You're lucky to have a job.


How can I get a hold of Skeeter?


Have you ever written a computer program?

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Who broke the coffee machine?

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I've heard research has found that men are more likely to tell lies than women.

Do you recognize that girl?

It's never too late... Monolingualism is easy to cure!

This tastes a lot better than what I usually eat.

I'm the youngest child in the family.

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Rafael needed help.

I never feel the cold.

This theory consists of three parts.

It looks uninhabited.

The ship left the port, never to be seen again.


The tables have turned and the surrender-monkeys are now those who then called others that way.

There is an urgent need for volunteers.

Being tired, she went to bed early.


I got him to buy what I needed.


I finally found time to sit down and read the newspaper.

I think I'd better go with Joachim.

Don't make a mess.


Even though Marcel works hard, he only earns 30 000 Canadian dollars per year.

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I'm really tired of your complaints.

We're lifeguards.

Could you bring me another hot towel?

I heard Root came back.

Ann has just finished writing her report.

A "modifier" has, just as it sounds, the role of embellishing sentences.

I still keep in touch with Florian.


At the moment, there isn't anyone in the office.

A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools.

Have you put on sunscreen?

He hates Halloween.

If they admit me to the university, I think I will major in economics.

Oleg tried to persuade Terrence to stay at home.

The contract expires next year.

Do you think Gunter really meant what he said?

Go back to the lab.

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As soon as the child saw his mother, he stopped crying.

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Vladislav is probably swimming now.

Can you see Mt. Daisetsu over there?

He is well known in our country.

It's well worth the cost.

It's 2:30 in Boston now.

I've been friends with Nils for many years.

The boy ran toward his house.

They have a kid.

Antonio was wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

It'll be after dark by the time we land in Boston.

Kerry would never have done such a thing.

Graham, you have really taught me many things.

Such poets as Milton are rare.

I've always wanted to meet him.

Angela never yells at us.

This isn't fun.

What a waste to buy such an expensive machine even though he doesn't even know how to use computers.

Please don't tell anyone else.

His proposal started a debate that lasted a year.

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I will retire as soon as I turn sixty.

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Tad has trouble with social interactions.

We saw each other on the street.

I had to take a bus from Boston because all the flights had been canceled.


Don't sleep with her, because you'll catch an STD.

Since happiness doesn't exist, we have to strive to be happy without it.

An ice hockey puck isn't ball-shaped.

Joachim resembles her mother in looks, but not in personality.

Somebody left a package here for you.

Which is stronger, a tiger or a lion?

Maybe we should do something about that.

What the devil are you doing?

You do like them, don't you?

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Juri made me get an appointment.

I'd never do that for Sue.

I am not wearing any underwear.


The machine was too complicated for us to find out the cause of the trouble.

Jared couldn't see himself ever doing that.

Maarten uses anabolic steroids.

We're waiting for him.

Would you like some salad?


Please go ahead and give us questions!

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I didn't like the kind of friends she had.


I am very tall.

You'd better get up early.

Where do you get a haircut?

You're going to love living here.

I've never had a student before that behaved as badly as you did today.

I'm not at all scared.

We have to look into the disappearance of the doctor.


Pizza and beer go together well.


Don seemed upset.

John is the cleverest of us all.

It looks like it's rained.

The girl I went to the movies with is a friend of mine.

Louis the 14th, known as the "Sun King", brought about the golden age of the French absolute monarchy.

Does Moore ever forget anything?

Ralf tried to revive Cecilia.

Hotta had his headphones on so he didn't hear Sabrina enter the room.

That's surely a misunderstanding.

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They turned to look at her.

Admit it, Noam, you're still in love with me.

I refused to be paid.

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The scientists used nanoparticles.

They both like the same girl.

How did it work?

It appears to me that he is angry.

Clara doesn't want to believe that.


He felt he had done his duty.

Have you returned?

Claude will survive.

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The share price has notched an all-time of $115 yesterday.

He leads you by the nose if you let him.

Everyone turned out for the circus.

More roads were made, and the countryside was divided into lots.

The boy came running.

I ate too much last night.

Many students bought the book.


You've got a lot to learn about being nice.

Don't hesitate to tell me if you need anything.

Your password has just been sent. Check your email.

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Vaughn would like to see you.