What with fatigue and lack of sleep, he has fallen ill at last.

Maybe we should go back to Boston.

No love is foul nor prison fair.

Nadeem pretends not to care about money.

Have you told anyone where our hideout is?

Rick doesn't appear to be nervous.

I outsmarted Raj.

Emily told me I was like a son to him.

You've got a problem.

You're a good doctor.

Lana told me he used to be married.

"What time will you be finished?" "I'm not sure yet."

I'm not the only one who got here early.

Do you think Murthy is innocent?

Louise is sending me unsolicited love letters.

It didn't happen exactly like that.

Please help them.

He ruined it.

I like figuring things out.

This one belongs to them.

I can't imagine myself doing that.


I'm thinking of staying in Boston a little longer.

Peggy happened to have the day off on Malloy's birthday.

I'm really not interested in politics.

There's nothing down here.

You had better tell me the whole story.

Sangho has never done anything like this before.

Go to the hardware store and buy a roll of insulating tape.


More people came to the party than I had bargained for.

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

The angry chimp went up the sidewalk and ripped everybody's face off.

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Winter is approaching.

Why bother?

Finally they gave in to their enemy.

I have some questions I'd like to ask Stanly.

He built them on an assembly line.

Just stay focused.

I'm just happy it ended so well.

Unfortunately, our team didn't win like we expected.

I guess I needed someone to blame.


Father lost his job.

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Shame on you, Leila.

Who was Vidhyanath meeting?

Rebecca is thin.

She remembered the first day she went to school.

Micah's colleague has just received another prize for his research.

We put up the flags on national holidays.

Who doesn't want to be a millionaire?

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Jamie thought that Charley would ask her to the prom, but he asked someone else.

For once in your life, do what I ask.

We're having lunch.

He pestered her with questions.

Your conduct allows of no excuse.

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In the valley, the violets came out early.


Pinching the back of your shoulder should help you to cure hiccups.


We'll meet her tomorrow at the station.


I can see that he is content.

How much money do you spend on textbooks per semester?

"Dance with me." "I thought you'd never ask."

Let's look at this in perspective.

Young people must profit from their bitter experiences.

Do you want this mission to succeed?

The people set up a new government.

I gave it to the little boy.

His work is washing cars.

Jason never seems to be very happy.

What's Darin doing here again?

He made me happy yesterday.

Jean's brother looks just like him.


He can speak French.

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Don't pressure her.

Let's see what Tahsin left us.

Of course I was joking.

No one was prepared for what happened next.

We all felt embarrassed to sing a song in public.

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Have you ever mended your carpets?

Let's discuss this over a glass of wine in the hot springs.

Is the food good there?

It's far from over.

I was concerned.

I'll win using whatever means it takes.

I'll be out of jail as soon as the police realize I'm innocent.


Please tell me what will be coming next week.

I have a suggestion for you.

What exactly do you plan to do?

Ti is going to the mall.

I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.


You must let things take their own course.


They're obsessed.

It's close to my house.

Erwin forgot to renew his passport.

That gave Teri an idea.

This is the cheapest shop in the town.

What's the name of the joint we went to last night?

He was seen to take out the book secretly.

There are signs that the economy is picking up.

The number of *****s in the hint has no relation to the number of characters in the word.


What he said cannot be true.

Who's got the tickets?

Then, finally, she opened her mouth.


I couldn't help you even if I wanted to.


The robber bashed her head in.

We've gone over this before.

The Peepal tree does not die just because a crow cawed.

The news of his death spread abroad.

When he openly declared he would marry Pablo, he almost gave his grandmother a heart attack and made his aunt's eyes burst out of their sockets; however, his little sister beamed with pride.

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The smart boy could solve all the difficult problems with great ease.


Trevor is level-headed.

The Russian space probe Luna 3 saw the far side of the moon for the first time in 1959.

He is not pleased with anything.

Hi! Where do you want to go?

Do you want to know my first impression of Dominic?

You look as if you don't have a care in the world.

Look, someone is calling you.

You're still underage.

You'd better get yourself out of here as quickly as possible.

They are studying for the test.

That's what I want to understand.

I'm still trying to a hold of Ilya.

Ahmet knows when he's supposed to be here.

Paola unlocked his office door.

The custom of bowing is peculiar to the islanders.

Now stand still.

We're not here to make friends.

It is already eleven.

He will come back in another two weeks.

She is honest and above bribery.

I guess it's too late to say no.

It's as clear as crystal.

Your clothes were used.


This child believes that the earth is flat.

Many Australians are descendants of criminals sent there. Meanwhile, the crime rate in Australia is very low. Food for thought.

My father has a red beard.

It's not a conspiracy.

Don't put the wallet on the top of the heater.

The Orient Express will depart from platform two at 6 a.m.

I used to babysit him.

Smoke was rising from the chimney.

Planning the wedding before proposing is putting the cart before the horse.

Where is my wallet? Nevermind! I just found it under the couch.

I was serious when I said I loved you.

I found the missing piece of your necklace.

Is there anything you can give me for the pain?

That doesn't sound like something you would do.

Why didn't you go to the office?

I didn't know you couldn't read.

Honesty sometimes doesn't pay.

My mother is preparing dinner.

Come to that, I'd like to do some shopping too.

The Japanese writing system is very complicated, it has three alphabets with more than two thousand characters.

When you come across unknown words, you have to look them up in the dictionary.

Ken couldn't recall that man's name.

I did some busking during the summer.

Felix will probably say no.

Spock asked me to make sure you understood what you needed to do.

I think we shouldn't tell Sjouke about what happened.

That man who committed that crime was out of his mind.

Every time I attempt to teach myself C++, I get stuck on pointers.

What're those things you're carrying there?

What do nurses spend most of their time doing?

I appear to have misplaced my keys.


Let's have a few drinks tonight.

Are you the boss?

You are crazy.

I made a complete fool of myself.

I don't want to live here anymore.

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You should've reported that to the police.

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Butler is anticipating his trip to China.

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No dramatist can compare with Shakespeare.

I don't have this book.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

I just met her yesterday.

He was the strongest. He won the match.