You were right about him.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

The flower is magenta.

I've heard some good things about you.

Jimmy is a very good actor.

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You need not write more than 400 words.


I got on the plane.

I suggest you have a native speaker read over your report to make sure there are no errors.

Don't spend more than you earn.

We need you to baby-sit.

The leaves whirled in the yard.

He said he would recognize it when he saw it.

I wasn't willing to do what Eric asked.

Don't worry, I can take it.

You don't look happy to see me.

Syd was standing at the bar, drinking a beer.

It was sunny yesterday.

I'll fix it.

Skylab was designed to allow astronauts to live and work in space for several weeks. It was to be a laboratory for astronauts and a base for spacecraft.

What he says is very important.

Doesn't that seem strange to you?

Ralf wrapped a towel around her hair.

Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

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I am going to see him today.

How much money should I take along with me?

Why don't you want to clean your room?

The patient moved his lips slightly.

Ben committed his diary to the lawyer's care.

Vijay has a habit of losing his temper.

I'm getting sleepy. I should've gone to bed earlier last night.

Intensive courses are always the most exhausting.

Are you friends with June?

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I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.

It is absurd to idle away the student life.

The Italians often drink coffee.

She's annoying and selfish.

Everybody looks up to Jwahar.

Suresh told me that he was thirsty.

That song was written by Malcolm.

I'm busy today.

Linda's resistance sent Dan into a rage.

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What street do you live on?

The higher we climb, the colder it becomes.

I didn't live with my mother when I was growing up.

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She attributed her failure to illness.

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This sentence is too short.

Let me take it from here.

It feels good to be back.

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The grape harvest is done manually.

They're going.

"Is it a good hotel?" "Yes, but it is too far."

Marco isn't used to walking barefooted.

Hy has her back to us.


All the arrangements should be made prior to our departure.


Please bring me a beer, a very cold one.

I'm going to go out for a while.

Srinivasan kicks a football with his left foot, but writes with his right hand.

Starbuck refuses to take orders from Jose.

You know, Darryl, Rodent thought the world of you.


The room was in good order.

A short stroll along the beach gave me a good appetite for breakfast.

I spent all day with him.

There wasn't any cat there.

Since the bus had been delayed, we had a long wait in the rain.

He saved his daughter from the fire at the cost of his own life.

He was too intent on studying to hear my call.

Earnie developed a taste for French wine.

It is great fun to play with a puppy.

I should've read the original work before watching the movie.

I must buy a new suit for my son.

They'll understand that.

Rabin thinks Dwayne will probably say yes.

We must trust our guide.

He might be able to help me.

Bradford wasn't a bit interested.

Imagine that I'm out of here.

Marzipan pigs do not grunt.

Jagath killed his brother with their father's gun.

Rome has a lot of ancient buildings.

The fork is small.

You made the right choice.

Serdar's having a good time.

Carisa was trying not to panic.

We were all little once.

We're meeting at my place at 2:30.

The Icelandic government works on its own and doesn't care about the people.

What other choice do we have?

It lives inside an apple.


I'm sorry, but I have to go.

He pretended not to see me.

Let me show you some pictures.

I wasn't really interested.

I think I can help you find Emmett.

There are two doctors in his circle of friends, a surgeon and an ophthalmologist.

He says the room will be ready in twenty minutes, but I doubt it.

The hen was sitting on the eggs in the nest.

He has a very materialistic outlook on life.

The small car boom is ending.

Read this.

Did Ping explain to you what's going to happen?

I have two books.

How are things going with you?

I also want it!

Didn't I say that?

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.


Do you want to sit?


He knows who you are.


I did the best I could to convince Raanan.

What can we learn from a dog? Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.

I rarely watch documentaries.

It's not how much you know, but what you can do that counts.

Is there, for example, a three-course meal that conveys sin, punishment, and redemption?

I've never seen you before.

I will see to it that you meet her at the party.

It is too dark to see clearly.

I remember my school days very well.

They are big.

He picked up his toys.


He bathed and dressed.


This dictionary is no good.

Don't talk!

Mr Smith is a softly-spoken person.

I am handsome?

The dubbed movie is annoying to watch because the audio is out of sync with the video.

Put more spirit into your work.

Jean looked at the odometer.

They're late.

You may use a dictionary while taking this test.

Al grinned from ear to ear.

Elijah isn't doing well.

I was at your wedding.

The teacher is sitting on the chair.


I can't tell if you're serious or not.

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Do you want him back or not?

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Japan is, as it were, his second home.

I was at home the night of the fire.

I saw a man's face in the window.

Ro sat as far from the door as possible.

Sedovic used to come over all the time and hang out with us.

He laughs because the film is funny.

There is a park behind the movie theater.


During the final days the weather was infernally hot.

I would rather you came on Friday than on Thursday.

I say both as they are different genres of music.

Society exists for the sake of the individual.

Wow, that's a big clock! Yes, it's a longcase clock.

Ken has made it.

Do you still want know why I'm going?

The cottage will not endure a strong wind.

These laws need to change.

Claire's performance was not up to his fans' expectations.

You know you've really mastered a foreign language when you can write a decent poem in it.

Is this Tovah's room?

Kirsten is very mature for her age.

We want her to go home.

My mother gets up at six every morning.

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I'm sure Byron is going to help.

I don't want trouble.

You locked yourself out.

It happened that he was ill.

Volunteers distributed tea in disposable cups.

I promised my parents I wouldn't drink.

The socks smell bad.

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I got acquainted with him last year.

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The place was almost empty.

I am short of money for my trip.

No one wants to listen to my opinions.

Marla plays soccer with his friends after school almost every day.

He may be intelligent, but he is not wise.

Let me know your departure in advance.

I don't want to love Pedro, but I do.

The way tourists dress offends the local standard of propriety.

The one who said that is a liar.

We'll stay out of their way.

You need a good night's sleep.