I'm working on my new book.

Kimmo won't change his mind.

Were you at the beach all summer?

Can you watch Piete?

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It's hot down here.

The recommendation from my boss made all the difference.

However, Junior's father has a hard time getting Junior to warm up to Brooke.

His jumbo jet ought to have arrived in Osaka now.

Look it over.

Would you like to take a crack at the job?

I thought about throwing it away, but decided to keep it.

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You'd better call them up.

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What's wrong with being nude in your own house?

What do you think she should do?

I've simplified it a bit.

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Marilyn tried to persuade Merril to go.

What are your predictions?

Do you have the most recent version of this software?


Has the house got a garage?

Aren't you exaggerating a little?

That was loud.


How do you think Tor is doing?

With time on our hands now, let's do some good.

These two are very different from each other.


All of my clothes are custom made.

Please do whatever seems best to you.

Vishal stayed at a hotel not far from our house for a few days.

Exactly how much money did you lose?

That's it for now.

You are dismissed.

I know what got Christofer rattled.

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The girls knocked my books out of my hands and laughed at me.

I really want to see them today.

They were satisfied with the meals.

This table is wonky.

People's opinions depend on the spirit of the times.

The Polish language is interesting.

Mr Tanaka is a chivalrous man.

I can start tomorrow.

Let me have a talk with her.

We're counting on you, Beckie.

Several civilians were gunned down by mercenaries.

His pride prevented him from asking others for help.

I also have doubts about that.

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Laurianne is quite assertive.


I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

He was born in Athens in 1956.

He always hums while working.

Your skirt's on backwards.

I cannot approve of your going out with him.

It's bigger than him.

They armed the people.


Just look at that female over there.

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I'm just a kid.


Robin is extremely competitive.

He knows how to make women cry.

He did not even have the grace to apologize.

Luke is lazy.

Ronald plays the baritone saxophone and Travis plays the alto saxophone.


How much do these black pants and red shirts cost?

I saw Toufic.

The lyrics are intentionally keyed in to the onscreen action at times.

Good night, dear friend!

Pardon me, is there an ATM in this area?

I hope the bread keeps until tomorrow.

He lives in a small town near Osaka.

My life is like a sick joke.

This is a place where animals are buried.

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Luc said he wanted to go swimming with us.


He was about to start.

I forgot something. I'll be right back.

Will you walk down to the school with me?

Let's go back.

You can hardly expect me to help you.

He has a massive comic book collection, with an estimated combined value of over a thousand dollars.

He did not die happily.


Dieter and her mom live in a very old apartment.

The pig is growing fat.

Elsa said he ate way too much.


Son said that she would always detest Bryan.

No, I don't regret anything.

When he was young, he was poor and had to live on rice gruel.


I could not catch her words.


They were shocked.

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Who did Diego Maradona train?

Maybe it was just an oversight.

His poor educational background was not a bar to his advancement.


The movement added a new page to the history of Japan.

I like to listen to old records.

There are still so many unanswered questions.

I'm OK with it.

Hwa knows that he'll never live up to his parent's expectations.

I think that the romantic myth is one of the most pernicious of our times.

There's a house behind the trees.


I hate peanut butter.


I know Kayvan is missing.


Let Cathryn know.

He believed her assertion to be simply impossible and assented to the proposal.

Trey told Real to give him a call after dinner.

Every time I went to his place, he was studying.

Have you ever been to Nikko?


Call Spencer now.

We're closed today.

You must cultivate your mind.

Click here to register.

We live in the present only.

Would you care for another cup of coffee?

It was obvious that the muscle-bound bodybuilder had been taking steroids.


No rational person, of whatever political persuasion, could possibly object to the program.

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It's very important to address the problem.

My hair is still damp.

Even though Valentin has never even tried eating one, he says he doesn't like kiwifruit.

He talks big but he's never done half the things that he said he has.

Tell him what you mean.


You can go.

I love reading the messages hidden inside fortune cookies.

I'll be only too glad to go with you.

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Toufic, I feel very alone tonight.

Per lived with us for three months.

The government should endeavor to curb inflation.

To offer your seat to the old that is a kindness indeed.

There's nothing that can be done about his feeling sorry for her.

Adriana is from Costa Rica. She is Costa Rican.

Ross and Stephen both left the office early today.

You have a very good voice.

The company was absorbed into a big business.

Taking risks may land you on terra incognita and make you long to plant your feet back on terra firma.

Kris said he needed to ask me a few more questions.


If so, what should we do?


The children in the house stood round the stove; for they wanted to see the paper burn.

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I will see you tomorrow.


We don't really have to sell it.


She always gives me the cold shoulder.

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Can I take a message?

She explained her idea by means of pictures.

Lucius is contradicting himself.

Wish you good luck on the exam.

The ship made for the shore.

It's not worth the wait.

Brahe received an island called Hven from the king.

You used to love that.

Will you play go with me?

Whichever road you may take, it will lead to the station.

She is no stranger to me.

Compare the style of those letters.

I just came along to keep Suwandi company.

How many times did you do that?

I feel it's a tad risky to do that.

Why don't I just go ask them?

Piet is sick, but it isn't serious.

You heard the news?

You're reading too much into this.

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He's now looking for her in my house.

I bought a loaf of bread at the baker's.

Cristi and Bernie are scared.

The pontoons are detachable.

Where's your spirit of adventure?


Let's not deal with that problem right now.

How handsome you are!

Kamiya might be playing chess with Amy right now.

I've been trained to deal with this kind of problem.

She cried for joy when she heard that her son had survived the plane crash.