If he will come, I will wait for him till he comes.

Everything is going very well.

It's a scutigera.

Maybe you won't believe me.

Linux, too, can be hacked.

The times are changed and we are changed in them.

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In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the present state of affairs.

This is the only guidebook that was recommended to me that is really useful.

He knows lots.

They said that they had been in Mexico for five years.

What ever do you want with me?

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He is tired.

I can't meet you now.

In fact, this program is pretty interesting.

You're home early, aren't you?

In church many people get on their knees to pray.


It's just like you say.

Your family has considerably increased since my last voyage.

I could answer all the questions.

I guess this is how things are going to be from now on, so we'd better get used to it.

He's rich, so he can do anything.

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Novo treated Kees like a child.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.

Don't confuse me with Hitler.

I've done OK without you.

Why did Izzy do that?

He gets all the breaks.

Juan has finished eating.

Wendell borrowed three hundred dollars three months ago.

What's the minimum salary in Latvia?

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He collapsed at her feet.

Doug is very unlikely to be late.

My father's little library consisted chiefly of books on polemic divinity, most of which I read.

Josh reached down to assist Joubert to her feet.

Irwin is impulsive, isn't he?


She hates him.

I was late again this morning, which made my boss angry.

Don't you miss them?

It was the best part of the whole trip.

You must fulfill your duty.


The flowers in the garden need watering.


Our class consists of fifty boys.

Glynn put the dishes in the dishwater.

He broke down completely on hearing of his daughter's death.

What's Tony doing?

Take off your jacket because it's very hot.


Have you ever needed help?

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How did Leora sound?


What grade did you get on the test?


The space age began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the world's first man-made satellite.

This man is a doctor.

This straight road will lead you to the post office.

Leif eats lunch at his desk.

Vincenzo shouldn't be unduly concerned.

Do you know how to grind beef?

We're discreet.


Scrooge was not much in the habit of cracking jokes.

The space cadets said that at the end of the wormhole might be another universe.

I spent the whole day thinking about her.

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Let's both jump into the water at the same time!


It's good manners for a boy to ask a girl if he can kiss her.

Where do you study?

Where's your bakery?

I catch the flu every year.

He asked me if I was happy or not.

We must stop urban sprawl and fight against physical segregation while still guaranteeing the right to housing.

Are they big?

Unfortunately I hit the morning rush hour.

These structures would rarely, if ever, occur in spoken English.

Their team has a strong sense of unity.

I told them about you.

I don't like the way he speaks to me.

There are many things worse than death.


Kemal lives in the same part of town as Mechael.

Randal applied for a credit card, but he was turned down.

I was appointed chairperson.

Doctor, my stomach hurts.

I just found a nickel in the street.

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Thank you, friend. You are fair and just.

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I gave that book to Sjaak this morning.

Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

I don't think you're right.

The actor must be prepared at the time of personifying a character.

He can't tell a cherry tree from a plum tree, but he can name them in twelve languages.

I'll make you a deal.

We will settle once for all who is the best.

I assume you know the way to Pierette's house.

We talked about that.

Her watch is superior in quality to mine.

She wrote down their name so as not to forget it.

She has been on her own since the age of eighteen.

What you say is quite wide of the mark.

I have to conclude this deal within a week.

I think Roderick went upstairs.

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We need to get you to a hospital.

Elizabeth and his grandmother went to the bookstore.

Aomori is famous for its good apples.

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She's a hopeless romantic.

I could actually go to jail for doing this.

He's the very model of an aggressive salesman.


I have an assistant.


It proves absolutely nothing.


You should keep in touch with Mr Smith.

I really hope not.

I've made a decision.


It seems like an interesting job. What do you exactly do?


Everything was fine at first.

He's a riot!

How have you come?

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Laurie's still at school.

Have you ever tried it?

Taurus doesn't understand this.

I hate when other people make me wait a long time.

We still don't know why Pascal isn't here.


She knows what you're thinking.

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His formative years were very unhappy.


I have enjoyed reading this novel a lot.

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I don't want you to harass them.

Have you went to Krasnodar before? It is a very popular resort for Russians, what, with all the beaches and the endless Black Sea.

I think maybe you're wrong.

Rain is unlikely.

The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

It's what Pam would want us to do.

Botany is an applied science.

Bobbie gave me the ax last night.

I don't see the small car.


At last I finally arrived too.

We need a little more time.

What is my purpose?

What if somebody sees you?

Jacques's tough.


he acceded to my request in short

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She won't call this evening.

I think that it was a lot of fun, indeed!

Markus could tell Liz wasn't happy.


If you hadn't asked me for it, I wouldn't have given it to you.

I'll need a receipt for that.

The steam train abruptly stopped.

If you don't go, I will not go either.

We'll have lived here for two years next April.


I'd like some shoes.

Moses didn't go to sleep till late that night.

You really just don't get it.

I went to work by car.

The bank avoided making any decision.

He has a beautiful young wife.

You're visiting a factory tomorrow, aren't you?

They won't make it.

Can any of us speak Spanish?

The court stenographer made a mistake.

Susanne found himself at the emergency room.

What does it matter to you?

I'd already thought of that.


I'd like to feel how your lips taste.


Lorenzo wasn't told why Matthew wasn't there.


Winnie is doing well now.

When can I get out of here?

What do you think is in the box?

So what are you up to today, Nikolai?

Monty says he usually buys a new car every three years.

Is this the place in which your mother works?

Vegans do not use animal products, or by-products, in their everyday lives.