Age isn't important, unless you are cheese.

Should I make something up?

He knows nothing about electronics.

You're rich.

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As for the standard of living, the republic has overtaken other developed countries.


I told you it was dangerous.

You were the one who gave this to me.

You'll get used to it soon.

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Politician, it is a shitty job, but strangely enough nobody ever wants to quit. Apparently, it is too much of a turn-on.


You've been lonely a long time, haven't you, Kim?

It is from advertising that a newspaper earns most of its profits.

Which is your book?

Do you mind my smoking?

Don't gawk at me.

Hans took a seat at the counter.

Fire! Run for your lives!

He went surfing.

They had gone there two days before.

We can't tell them.

I honestly didn't know a thing about this.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to make my sentences better.

I want you to find them for me.

I miss my children.

I've never eaten horsemeat.

There was a light shining ahead and I tried to reach to it.

Forget what I just said.

You said give it to him.

She's out shopping for shoes.

Picasso is a famous artist.

This speakeasy is controlled by the mob.

Now I must go about my work.

I'm going to go see her.

What were you afraid of?

The Prime Minister fell from favor with the people.

It's not very important.

She saw somebody waiting for her next to the school.


Lance is coming over to watch a movie.

A crime has been committed.

I'm almost done.

The position carries with it an attractive salary.

You always were a good dancer.

Sit down over there.

I don't advise them to buy this car.

I could have terminal cancer.

What can they do?

I want to think that parents are more important than their children.

Aren't you exaggerating a little?

Marsh told everyone.

Thirteen people were injured.


This photo was stolen from my friend.

It's true hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance?

The telephone number is 234-6868, and my room is 1228.

She drives not carefully but slowly.

Something very strange is going on.

The atmosphere was casual and relaxed.

Piercarlo? What does he have to do with this?

I bet he is our principal.

You're still wearing the ring Kamel gave you.

His friend promised never to abandon him.

Pratap seems to be busy all the time.

We know who did this to us.

He seems to be a typical American boy.

Don't forget to make an answer key.

I'm going to lay aside that money for emergencies.

This can't be a real diamond.

Maybe you'd better not do that.

You have to adapt to circumstances.

Bacteria do not reproduce in alcohol.

I work on that side of town.

We need to turn back.

I can't believe I have to sit an exam on Sunday!

I am so tired that I can't study.

Romeo marries Juliet.

Don't make such a sour face.

Blayne is double-parked.

There must be something in the box.

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I haven't dismissed you yet.

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As a matter of fact, it is true.

They're good.

"I have a phone in my cockpit. Someone left a phone in my cockpit. What should I do now?" "Okay Robert, box now, box."

Before the advent of video games children played cowboys and Indians.

What do you think of this one?

I like to do everything for myself.

Don't tell Sergio that Lindsey isn't planning on helping his mother.

Tell us exactly where you're heading to.

There are many who admire him.

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Don't give away all your secrets.

You can't put two saddles on the same horse.

This tradition is followed in most households.


Werner moved a little closer to see what was happening.

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We should compile a list of everybody who would be willing to help.

Are you a teacher or a student here?

You have to study harder.

The audience groaned at some of Plastic's puns.

His name is Kenji, but we call him Ken.

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I feel at peace with myself now.

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Juvenile delinquency is increasing.

You are a professor.

Because I want to confirm identity, I demand an identification.

It delays me an hour getting home.

I'm not busy tonight.

Is it really necessary to do that?

They have orders to return home.


Autistic children don't know what boredom is.

Where are your children?

We can't do anything with that one.

We won't have much time.

Shaw always carries a map and compass in his bag.

Perhaps I should remain here with Jon.

I barely restrained the impulse to strike him.


Ariel shot at Hsuan with a crossbow.

I'd like to reserve a single room on June 3.

He isn't who he says he is.

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Attach the two cables together.

No one can help you.

I work hard all the time.

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K-cups have a large environmental impact.

Though I admit what you say, I still think you are wrong.

It's easy to answer your question.

I think we have a problem here.

That happens to be an unrelated matter.

Eddy thought that Gypsy wouldn't want him at her wedding.

Are you going to ask her?

Paola switched the lamp off.

Could you go stand over there, Sir?

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How about getting me another glass of wine?

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I was crying.

What did Jianyun get you for your birthday?

How could I do that?

The vuvuzelas have a very agreeable sound.

This is a picture of my father and his first wife.

The detective found absolute proof of the man's guilt.

He studies hardest of all the students.

In all probability, no language is completely free of borrowed words.

Don't sit upon it.

Do you want to know why I lied to Saad?

Were any of you here last night?


Can you handle it, Melinda?

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Helge sat down in front of his computer.


This room is awfully cold.

As she doesn't want to be cheated again, she's always on the alert.

I don't like energy drinks.


We'll fight to the end to protect our homeland.


That didn't even occur to me.

I came because I thought you might be here.

He is a tennis player.


Finish your homework by the time your father comes home.

The world is very big.

Armenian is an Indo-European language.

Maureen now lives in the Cayman Islands.

Your soul can be outside your body; don't assume that it's inside.

I didn't eat it.

Tell them it was all your fault.

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I used to babysit them.

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They mistook my politeness for friendship.

Are you falling for Bryan?

Lions and tigers are called big cats.

I heard they found an alien artifact on the moon.

Let's take a pause. I cannot continue any longer.

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What's Hilda going to do?

It was a difficult question to answer.

It's not unheard of.


The shop on the corner sells cheap sunglasses.

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Mohammad is sitting on the fence.

I feel embarrassed when I meet somebody for the first time.

I consumed my whole energy.

I let the dog out.

An ancient race left ringed contraptions throughout the galaxy to shortcut through space-time.

Granville and Thomas were here this morning.

There are still people who are illiterate.