National Sport Day

Al Hayat Medical Center wishes you a life full of health and success.

Ten years for the opening of the center

It has been a privilege to serve you for 10 wonderful years!
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50% discount on LPG

A new lecture was held at Al Hayat Medical Center

Thromboembolism and its effect on Pregnancy.". On Friday, 9/11/2018. Many doctors and medical professionals from various medical centers and institutions participated.

We extend our thanks to the lecturers:


Dr. Mohamed Khaled Youssef,





yarn stretcher

Dr. Rania Al jurdi


And the Continuing Education Committee at Al-Hayat Medical Center.

We also thank the distinguished audience and wish all of us more progress and success

Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad's TV interview about the sport program during pregnancy

Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad, senior consultant gynecologist and obstetrician and general manager of Al-Hayat Medical Center, was a interviewed about the sport program during pregnancy.

An article by Dr. Hassan Abdstar Khabbazeh

Fanar Newspaper published an article by 5074021714 Consultant Pediatrics at Al-Hayat Medical Center read more

Dr. Hind karthoma was the guest of "Hamasat Nisaiya" program. She talked about the causes of delayed reproduction and infertility

Dr. Hind Miftah Karthouma, a gynecology and obstetrics specialist at Al Hayat Medical Center, was interviewed on Qatar TV in a "Hmasat Nisaiya" program where she talked about the causes of delayed reproduction and infertility

Dr. Hind's CV

Special offer for the employees of QNB and their first degree relatives.

(517) 616-4627

Cardiology Clinic Services




  1. Echocardiography
  2. Treadmill test (stress ECG)
  3. Heart failure treatment
  4. Ischemic heart disease treatment
  5. Cardiac arrhythmias treatment
  6. Diagnosis of valvular  heart disease  ( congenital and acquired )
  7. Treatment of high blood pressure and its complications
  8. Treatment of dyslipidemia and other cardiac risk factors


Urology Clinic services

  1.  Ultrasound imaging
  2. Treatment of kidney diseases and urinary stones
  3. Treatment of male and female diseases and sexual infertility
  4. Treatment of prostate diseases and genital infections
  5. Treatment of urinary incontinence
  6. Provide counseling to the couple before and after marriage

Vein Viewer

An infrared projection vein viewer acquires an image of subcutaneous veins by infrared light projected onto the surface of the skin. Thus a subcutaneous vein image will be displayed on the skin surface of the corresponding position.

It’s used for nurses to view veins on handbacks, legs, etc.


  • Image performance optimized by an enhanced base, CE approved;
  • Two kinds of imaging modes, blue & white, red & green one-click switching freely.
  • Medical cold light, safe for your eyes; adjustable brightness, high accuration

Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad's TV interview about causes, symptoms, and management of uterine fibroids

209-356-5859, senior consultant gynecologist and obstetrician and general manager of Al-Hayat Medical Center, was interviewed on Al-Jazeera in the Morning Hour program about causes, symptoms, and management of uterine fibroids.

Dr. Fawaz's CV

Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad Videos


A press interview with Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad

A press interview with Dr. Fawaz Amin Saad, Director General, Al-Hayat Medical Center in Qatar, within the medical journal of Al-Arab Newspaper

Zoom! teeth whitening

Your smile is important. It's one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful - it can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression. Take a first step to feeling good, looking great. You owe it to yourself  Read more

Latest technology: SPECTRA VRM III

Laser Toning by Spectra VRM-III' is an advanced treatment that takes advantage of the flexibility of the Spectra VRM II Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to penetrate and target melanin in the deep dermis making it ideal for dermal and mixed types of melasma.It's a simple, effective treatment with high patient satisfaction .  6233986676


"HUBER MOTION LAB" the 21st Century Technological Innovation in the world of Fitness...

We are extremely happy to announce that our Physiotherapy department is now equipped with the latest technology HUBER MOTION LAB.

This machine is exceptional for improving coordination and strength control. Its purpose is to involve and combine concentration, balance, movement and posture in the development of the muscular chains.

HUBER is designed for Health application, Beauty application and Sport application.readmore 


Ophthalmology Clinic Services...

1-Computerized Eye Examination

2-Allergic Eye Diseases

3-Dry Eye

4-Corneal Diseases and Keratoconus

5-Infectious Eye Diseases

6-Intra Ocular Pressure

7-Diabetic Retinopathy

8-Strabismus and Pediatric Eye Diseases

9-Lid and Lacrimal Tract Diseases

10-Eye Test For Driving License / Pilots


Al-Hayat Medical Center has the "ISO Certification".

Al-Hayat Medical Center pleased to announce that we have achieved the ISO(International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 certification from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. The ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to outstanding care and services which we provide to our patients. We intend to work hard to maintain this certification and endeavor to achieve further accreditations.  



Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile 6195472690

Special Offers

Important Announcement

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Up to 70% discount on laser hair removal until the end of 2018

40% discount on hair and skin PRP until the end of 2018

For a thicker hair and bright skin, please visit our center and get 40% discount on hair and skin PRP until the end of 2018

The World Diabetes Day

On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, Al Hayat Medical Center organized the diabetes public awareness at the center last 10th of November 2018,(620) 213-7898

Al-Koot Insurance Card Holders (Premium, Elite) Are Welcome


Al-Koot Insurance Card Holders (Premium, Elite) Are Welcome
Starting from Sept. 1, 2018.

Job opportunity at Al Hayat Medical Center

Job opportunity at Al Hayat Medical Center

Dermatologist: More than 3 years experience in cosmetic procedures

Dentist: Dental implant specialty, more than 3 years experience

Please send your CV on the following email:

For more information call: 33020594


Nerve conduction study (NCS)



NCS is a medical diagnostic test commonly used to evaluate the function, especially the ability of electrical conduction, of the motor and sensory nerves

Nerve conduction studies are used mainly for evaluation of paresthesias (numbness, tingling, burning) and/or weakness of the arms and legs.

Some of the common disorders that can be diagnosed by nerve conduction studies are:

  • Peripheral neuropathy ( diabetic polyneuropathy )
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ulnar neuropathy
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Peroneal neuropathy
  • Spinal disc herniation







An article by Dr. Aysar Al-Hammoud, a neurologist at Al -Hayat Medical Center

Dr. Aysar talks about low back pain and its types 907-365-2079

What’s new in Medicine


Cervical Cancer Vaccine Available

Consult your doctor now to prevent cervical cancer


  • You should be vaccinated early for you and your daughter
  • You should periodically check your cervix

CERVARIX (Cervical Cancer Vaccine) is available in our Center. We are the first private Medical Center in Qatar which offer this service.  Read more


Important announcement for all health care practitioners

It's our pleasure to announce that Al-Hayat Medical Center has been granted the approval for CPD activities that are approved by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP). readmore

Special Discount on comprehensive examinations in Al-Hayat Medical Center

ENT Clinic Services in Al-Hayat Medical Center

1-Ear Wash.

2-Ear suction for Foreign Body

3-Local Aural Pack.

4-Removal of Nasal Foreign Body.

5-Chemical cauterization.

6-Electrical cauterization.

7-Anterior Nasal pack for epistaxes.

8-Incision of quinsy abscess.

9-Remove of pharyngeal Foreign Body of fish bone.

10-Repair of Nasal bone fracture

Helicobacter Pylori Testing

It is our pleasure to announce the availability of the new German made machine (FANhp) for 13c-Urea Breathing Test (UBT) which help for easy, fast and reliable detection of Helicobacter Pylori. read more


Action II - The Non-Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution...

Petite Lady is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment using Action II laser. This gentle treatment tightens the vaginal tissues remodels collagen and rejuvenates the vulva to revive the sensations and revitalize the tissues of the vagina. Petite Lady treatment is an effective solution to treat a wide range of gynecological indications caused by post-delivery alterations and ageing in a convenient and safe way.  Watch video readmore


Laser therapy and Laser hair removal

Laser therapy and Laser hair removal is now available in our dermatology clinic. Dr. Effat Maamari  the Consultant Dermatologist in Al-Hayat Medical Center is currently using GentleMax, the latest laser machine from CANDELA, to treat patients with hirsutism, wrinkles and capillary veins  overalls