Special forces are used for special purposes.

I didn't have anything to say.


I understand that.

Let me have a cigarette.

He shouted to us to come.

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Brandy was standing outside.

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May I use this bat?

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We'd do anything for you.

Impossible is not a French word.

Do you have any idea why that might be?


I know I heard something.

They're pretty harmless.

Not everything's about money.

I really regret what I said to her yesterday.

The flowers in the garden need watering.

What colour is this flower?

He's a fake.

He seemed very surprised when I told him about it.

I've never seen such a tattoo.


I'd rather go for a walk than see the movie.

What do you have under the hat?

They condemned him for his cruelty to animals.

They forgave me.

You seem to know a great deal about Danielle.


You could've just talked to me.

Keep away from here.

I can't understand what they were thinking.

Better to be a dog in a city than a man in a hamlet.

Ernie was disappointed in Vincent's performance.


I like to write poems.

This piece is in a major key.

Can I deposit valuables here?


You have to take this.

Do you like playing soccer?

I can hardly see him.

Now, wait a second.

Who do you want to win?

I enjoyed talking to Krzysztof.

Are you going to be here tomorrow?

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying.

Did Ramadoss tell you that you could take it?

Do you not like Chinese cuisine?

Was the victim male or female?

What put such an idea into your head?

This is a book about public policy.

What I want now is not money, but time.

There were three of them and all three were armed.

I'm engaged to him.

I don't want to suffer for no reason.

The politician was thought to be telling the truth.

Don't tell him you're lost.

Dan stuck to his story.

I found a pot in which there were several old coins.


I demand that you correct that observation, Mr. Charles.

A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.

I knew there had to be a better way.


Explain that to me.

Can you imagine?

In case the refrigerator malfunctions, please read the operating instructions.


We're obviously very disappointed.

I managed to make him understand it.

Alex believes everything that Jef says.

What's the time according to your watch?

Here's a letter from Arlene.


This building will be built in the city.

He got his pilot's license.

When the Venus de Milo was entire, there were arms on the statue.

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May I have a pair of contact lenses?

One clear thought is worth two neologisms.

I can't make a guarantee like that.

Her passport was stolen.

Lea came pretty close to getting hit by a truck.

The children were wrapped up in their game.

No matter which used car you decide to buy, be sure it has only had one previous owner.

Thanks for taking me fishing.

I wonder how the sausage is made.

Too little is just as bad as too much.

John Glenn was one of the first seven astronauts in NASA's space program.

Tatoeba: We've got more sentences than your mom could ever say in her lifetime.

I don't know how you did it, but you did it.

I have to replace the radio's battery.

Randell kept his word.

I love that restaurant.

What's your favorite way to cook trout?


The member of the Diet brought in a bill on political contribution, but it didn't pass.

The things you own, they end up owning you.

Samir is really narrow-minded, isn't he?

We put the desk by that window.

It was apparent that he did not understand what I had said.

They announced that they were going to have a party.

The young man lives in an old house.

Graham cut the wrong wire.

I understood the message.

His cigarette burned a hole in her dress.

I know that you're upset right now.


Tuna agreed that Leif's suggestions were good ones.

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter.

Please take me to this address.


Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.


The whole world is off its rocker.

I wonder how that happened.

Does Brandy wear glasses?

Is it free of charge?

Jerry got off at the wrong station.

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He cheated on my mother.

A doctor quickly cut off his left arm and stopped the heavy bleeding.

Trent is jumping rope.


Did Christopher believe it?

This is my union.

The little boat, tossed about by the angry waters, appeared and disappeared in the waves.

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The Internet is so slow today.

Benson worked for almost three hours.

There was always a saint in his wallet, even if he didn't pray.


Before I forget, I will tell you.


The statement sounds improbable.


I'm not holding you back.


If you can't fix the pipe, we'll have to call a plumber.

We study together.

The majority of the middle-aged people felt anxiety for their future.

Please tell Hon to wait for about thirty minutes.

We should do everything ourselves.

The death of a talented man saddens me, as the world needs them more than heaven does.

Last year in the Philippines, earthquakes and tidal waves resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 people.

The two came to the same conclusion.

She's turning red.


I was going to talk to you about it.


They changed my meds.


I chose the wrong one.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

Seth caused this.

Sylvan is riding high these days.

To make a tart, you need eggs, butter and sugar.


I'm taking them for a walk.


I didn't notice.

That result was predictable.

You can't ask for the impossible.

Japan is the best country under the sun.

I made her acquaintance through his introduction.

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Do not touch or insert foreign objects into the connectors of the console or accessories.

You're tired. I'm also tired.

All I want is a chance to help.


She was amused at the joke.


Once lost, time cannot be recalled.

Dieter hasn't been to the supermarket in a long time.

I should've paid more attention.


They walked around.

You need to tell Sal what happened.

She is a twin.

Gerald is the only one who knows how to do this.

She thought that it would be interesting and fun.

What were the two miracles that were done for the people of Israel on Hanukkah?

I gave a lot of cheese.

You can sleep late tomorrow morning.

It could just be a problem with the spark plugs.

In case the alarm rings walk, don't run.

What makes you happy makes me happy.

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Do you like swimming?

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Ernest Jr. is Tuan's only son.


She lost her job because of her careless remark.

That's really stupid.

Someone's going to pay for this.

Cynthia might eat this, but I doubt it.

I met Becky in the park.