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We'd be great together.


It was sheer coincidence that Kent and I were on the same train.

It's almost time for the guest to arrive.

You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk.

She isn't married.

You broke the table you were sitting on.


He seemed pleased to see me.

She implored for mercy.

Happiness does not consist of how much you possess.

Those present were almost all women.

Everett is losing them.

What do you like on your salad?

I understood.


He againest monopoly. He has been to against monopoly.


You'll need more.

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Weapons on the ground!

Mind you come on time.

Well, where do I begin?

As is known, the first to give in is smarter. It's easier for an adult man than a teenager to do it. The victory over your own child won't embellish you.

You're believable.


There is a church across the street.

Brian didn't try to find out what was wrong.

He has been to France.


It doesn't matter which side you're on.

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I don't want to go near Kathleen.

Spike quit going out with Ofer because he didn't like her sense of humor.

So that's how it is.

Don't confuse astrology with astronomy.

Do you really mean it?

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We can't do anything about that.


Let's find a way out.

John hit the jackpot. His efforts paid off beyond his wildest dreams.

Robbin has a large closet in his bedroom.

An old tree provides shade.

Jerry and Jaime will get married next month.


I don't see anything remotely suspicious.

There's a couple here.

I call on him sometimes.

On this matter, I feel exactly the same as way Allan does.

Our cat is in the kitchen.


Blood circulates through the body.

That's not your fault.

Be ready to help a friend.

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I'll listen to you.

He has something to do with the matter.

It looks like Yokkun's dad ran off with his nursery school teacher.

What kind of things do you enjoy doing?

Maybe I shouldn't invite Alfred to the party.

He lives a freewheeling life. I think he ought to settle down a little.

Are you going to do something about that?

He doesn't dare to say anything.

We need it all.


I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave.

I made a typing error.

I'm telling you nothing happened.

Exercise is to the body what thinking is to the brain.

I wish to speak to them.

I was just talking about Marlena.

It took me several hours to paint that room.

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Eduardo brews his own beer at home.

Dozens of pop stars are crowned and uncrowned every few years.

We don't need a visa to go to France.

I've known her a long time.

The baby is not capable of walking yet.


Once, I got lost inside a tree.

A burglar broke into his house.

The prices have gone down.


Sandy doesn't let me do anything.

I must've misplaced it.

I'm depressed.

Are you willing to do that?

Sabrina had nothing to do with it.

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I didn't notice him go out.

He read the letter in a loud voice.

The guy was too energetic. Everyone tried to get away from him.

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One thing you should know about me is that I hate exercising.

We're all sure of that.

You're free.

We have a place for you to live.

He's making a lot of money in the stock market.

Is it possible to get on the next flight?

Put it in the closet.

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Jinchao was riveted to the floor out of fear, when he came across an intruder in his study.

It's just sitting there.

What did Stacey do for you?

Vic is alluding to divorce.

Do you have a stopwatch?

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You did this.

I've never had a traffic accident.

I can't wait to tell Naomi that I met you.


Is James going somewhere?

Ernst picked the coin up and examined it more closely.

The cat was killed by the dog.


You have only to sweep the floor.

She is absent because of sickness.

What am I expected to do when I get there?

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Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.

Indra has a scar on his face.

Poetry is a sickness of the brain.

The electoral law needs to be changed.

Duncan turned on the air conditioner and the apartment began to cool down.

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Where's the North?

You can't stop it.

I knew you'd know where to find me.

The mountains lay covered with deep snow.

Sanford'd be cute if she'd just shut up. Her way of speaking really gets on my nerves.


They rejected our idea.

I want to know what this is called.

Brenda did what had to be done.


Marvin made no response.

You're so weird.

All I want is for you to be happy.

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Norma corrected the error.

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You just like watching TV, so you think that what I do in my spare time is so intense.

I went to the lawyer for legal help.

Since you made a mistake in your project, you have to start over from scratch.

Dan turned off the music.

He is as clever as any of his classmates.

I saw it all in a dream last night.

Len is a tough cookie.


I suppose I'll be in trouble if I don't stay up all night to cram for the examination.

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Latin is a perpetual language.

She asked me out.

Trusting yourself is the key to success.

The room was packed with people.

Please keep this a secret.

All you have to do is listen.

She's just skipped French class.

All human beings are legally equal.

As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.

You may leave now.

They hoped for even better days to come.


Close the window, please.

Change can and will happen.

Ted claims that he acted in self-defense.

Part gave no additional details.

I got her.

Joon knew that Andries was in danger.

Douglas left a minute ago.


This is much the most expensive car in the shop.

I don't see another option.

When I turned the screw, water burst out.


I think he is something of a poet.

I don't need to do that anymore.

I said so by way of a joke.

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I'm sorry I was so rude to you.

He had a high opinion of her abilities.

It appears that you have appendicitis.


The average height of the girls in class is over 155 centimeters.

Person of the future: "The calendar of this Unix machine that the ancients built only goes up to January 19, 2038. As such, I am convinced that this marks the day of the Earth's destruction."

Our city has one third as many people as Tokyo.

Do you want me to get you something else?

My guess is that Josip doesn't have so many friends.

You're not really that naive, are you?

Graham has three sons. All three of them are married to Canadians.


I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.

Paul laughed politely.

Have you ever kissed a girl before?

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This word is both a noun and a verb.


She didn't tell me anything.