You're just like a little puppy.

Charleen knows who broke the window.

She's the perfect girl for you.


Kevan has been like a father to me.


I forgot to call Mr. Ford.


Are all the doors locked?

What's your deal with Jelske?

Surya is a hopeless idiot.

When did you start learning French?

This is a no-win situation.

We were really tight.

It is the border-line cases that are always in danger: the dignified buildings of the past which may possess no real artistic or historic value, but which people have become sentimentally attached to and have grown to love.

She accused me of stealing her money.

I pretended to be friends with her.

It's not yet over.

Amos and Ricky held hands.

I would like it if we had more money.

Walt had his piano tuned.


The English are a hardy people.

His books are liked by young people.

My signature is meaningful, majestic and inimitable.


Only time will give the answer.

Irwin isn't competent.

The less I work, the less I want to work.

Dad built me a model of a ship.

If that is true, then he is not responsible for the accident.

I don't necessarily support misanthropy.

She ran very fast to catch up with the other members.

Floyd made noise.

The challenging boxer defeated the champion.

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Do you want to go to Boston or not?

She drives to the gas station.

He is constantly finding fault with other people.


I'll be there at 2:30, OK?


I keep dreaming about you.


I never laid a hand on Dani.

I've heard that Emmett will be going to Harvard.

But my mind tells my fingers what to do.

Charleen is really hungry.

I'll leave that decision to you.

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Do you remember where you were the night Fay had his accident?

Can we do this?

The day before yesterday I quit my job.


Let's get Vicky to look into the problem.

Dan eluded police for almost two years.

Jarmo can't come.

He was dazzled by the bright light.

I'm a teacher.


They changed the system.

I've been here over a year.

My car has run out of gas.

Bill was crazy for a motorbike.

Jose can understand Valeria's French.

I've been living in Canada for five years.

The most famous painting in the exposition depicted a starry sky with bats flying over it. It was a little sinister.

I might like to follow her lead.

Is there anything I can do for you?

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Stan says he has no idea who Ethan is.


I'm just here to talk to Olaf.


Do you like to watch TV?


Stay with Morris now.

I'm going back to bed now.

In the end, because of the disease, he became unable to walk and had to use a motorized wheelchair to get around.


Atoms cannot be seen with your own eye.

Your password has just been changed.

There is a picture that he himself drew.

As much as I'd like to tell you, I can't.

Carolyn arrived at the gate and rang the bell.

The data is incorrect.

He had the right idea.

I left it unlocked.

Where were you standing?


We bought some bread.

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My eyes weren't keen enough to distinguish whether the black spot on the ceiling was a spider or a fly.


Neal has accomplished a lot.

Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.

The discovery surprised me.


I threw it out.


We took turns cleaning the room.

Naren got a job at one of the local farms.

I was worried about them.

I'm not sure whether Barton can swim or not.

Roger owes me three hundred dollars.

He was the only witness of the accident.

I think this is pretty cool.

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Now I'm going to tell you how it is.


He's my son.

Write to them.

He put his arms around me and hugged me.

You know that once you are inside, you will never be able to get out.

Say what is in your heart.


Since I was thirsty, I drank water.

I sat up all last night reading a novel.

How old is he then?

In the Autumn, the leaves fall from the trees.

Siping is obviously distressed over something.

I got all excited.

There's something that I've been wanting to ask you.

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I won't have you telling me what to do.

The lake is frozen solid.

It drives me crazy.

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I love walls, and I love China. I especially love the Great Wall of China. They're all tremendous.


Another step, and you would have fallen down the stairs.


The party grew chilly.


I thought Sal wouldn't come.


I'll never forget her.


Tyler passed the ball to Vic.


I am not one of them.


She prepared herself for the tennis match by practicing for hours every day.

By the way, have you done your homework?

I think we should get away from here for a few days.

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Jerrie stopped pacing.

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Cleared, the site will be valuable.

She is very busy.

Josip sat down next to Cathryn.

Having learned Danish as a child, I was still surprised at how much of the Swedish police drama I could understand, even without subtitles.

There are a lot of languages similar to Castilian.

I can hardly hold my own against his daring.

Let me admire you.

My mother is a psychology teacher.

Be sure to take a note of what she says.


Try to do so as far as the station.

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He hopes to gain an always greater knowledge of the whole world during this life.


Joyce says he'll be sticking around after the meeting.

I get anxious waiting for a friend for a long time.

I owe him 300 dollars.

She has been out of work these two years.

Is that what you did to her?

She can play the piano very well.

He is hateful.

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As it was to be expected, he won first place.

He was brought up to riding.

This is not like him at all.

I want to go to town.

My plan to study abroad went by the board when my father died.

Chris got a very good grade on that difficult homework assignment.

She isn't so green as to say so.

Mariner 10 was the first space probe to visit Mercury. It was also the first probe to visit two planets - Venus and Mercury.

I see him quite often.

Have you ever wanted to make a comment, but posted it as a translation by mistake?

They say that in America anyone can become president, but perhaps that's not really true.

I want to enjoy it.

A good master wouldn't let his dog out in such cold weather.


He has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

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Are you more likely to get worse ovulation pains if you have a tipped uterus?

He assumed an air of great importance.

Ann isn't as tall as his brother.

I need you to take in the hem by about an inch.

I had no choice but to stay.

He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

Jill and John will get married next month.

Guillermo didn't answer at first.

Let's go, Ken.


You understand me.


His conduct is open to grave objection.