Be quiet while I am speaking.

Someone will do that job.


My father is contemptuous of drunkards.

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We bought a new washer.


He comes from Wales.

A change of air will do you a lot of good.

Who exactly is Ramsey?

His index finger is shorter than his ring finger.

I had no school today, so I spent the whole day at home watching TV.


Don't bother me now.

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A good appetite, sound sleep, and regular motions are the three signs of good health.


Are your opinions representative of those of the other students?

I still have a report to write.

I got a smooth shave.

Maybe I passed out.

Even if you aren't hungry, you should eat something. Otherwise you won't last until lunch time.


Price told Derek that he didn't know how to drive.

On the wings of Time grief flies away.

Just give me your gun.

Can anything be done for her?

Now really isn't a good time.


Maybe Pratapwant's car broke down.

I don't care who Huashi kisses.

We were looking for him.

Give me the number.

The people who live here are our friends.


If UFOs were to attack the earth, what would become of us?

Sridharan is going away for a month.

Knute started the fire.

Don't forget to call your parents.

Nobody else would help us.

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You must come without fail.


Bob could not control his temper.

At first sight, he seemed kind and gentle.

I know everything about them.

Will you please come to my party?

There was nothing I could do for Kanthan.

Did you see them leave?

Saul will take care of everything for us.

Rupert cracked his knuckles.

Sekar looks very pleased with himself.

With friends like Warren, one doesn't need any enemies.

I need to talk to Miriam tonight about what's going to happen tomorrow.


Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.

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I wish I had more time to talk with you.

I did it the way he told me to.

Roman put something in his mouth.

Appropriate action is needed now.

Are you going to call Srikanth?


First the emigrants, then you. Solidarity is our response to social cannibalism.

All I have is a book.

Kinch did what he could for Samir, but it wasn't enough.

"Come home early, Guillaume." "Yes, mother."

In other words, many nodes continuously stream music files as a method of preventing me from copying them.

If native speakers of Turkish contribute new, natural-sounding sentences in their own language or translate into Turkish the non-Turkish sentences which they can fully understand, then Tatoeba will become an even better resource for everyone, for example, who is learning English via Turkish or learning Turkish via English.

He left for London in the beginning of July.


The summer collection has arrived.


We have forty-five.

Really? I didn't know that.

Where did you get this beautiful dress?

Hiroyuki forgot to wear gloves.

He was not born blind.

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In order to deal with repeat offenders, Mr Johnson is also establishing a "two strikes and you're out" policy - serious breaches of the rules will result in permanent removal of free travel rights.

Why isn't it red and puffy?

This is such an easy problem that any student can solve it.

Oleg rose to his feet and walked to the window.

You don't understand business.

I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow.

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular.


I don't want to get in trouble.


How to go on without you?

I want to see a dick in your forehead!

Did you come to my wedding?

Of course you have to get married son; who will cook for you?

Somewhen I was like that.

Mr. Wall put off going to the dentist's.

How many days do you plan to stay?

I saw my old classmate last week. She's as boring as ever.

Pollution problems on Earth necessitated finding homes outside of Earth.

Don't play poker with him.

Earle went into the room and slammed the door behind him.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

Eating chocolate makes me feel happy.


This is a little something I bought for you.

Karen didn't answer Olof's question.

I'll just go for a walk to clear my head.

All our attempts failed.

If it gets boring, I'll go home.

Bruno is going to contact Russell.

I won't let anyone push me around.


Let's go to the hospital now.

Kyu may be right.

After that, I didn't see him again.


Tareq knew Guido couldn't speak French.

Byron and Granville were among the onlookers.

I'd like somewhere to write where I can have peace.

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Rice is planted in this field.


Mario is extremely shy.

What was this all about?

If you have something to say, just say it.

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They don't take prisoners.

Gordon isn't going to help you.

Let's not even think about that.

I have no idea where we are.

Benson is far more experienced than I am.

Perhaps you'd be willing to volunteer.

Can't this wait until tomorrow?

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He was disappointed about the result.

The sky is overcast.

She knows how to make up.


Sheep are bred for their fleece and their meat.

There's no more butter in the fridge.

Geoff is suffering from an incurable cancer.


Please say something.

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I'm getting a headache.


Hello. Is this the Gotos' residence?

We're very sorry that your bag was delayed.

Eating too much is bad for the health.

Maybe it was just a coincidence.

The least objectionable "bridge language", or interethnic language is the planned international language Esperanto.

It's possible to win every battle, but still lose the war.

This train makes connections with a ferry-boat at Takamatsu.


The internet is such an incredible development.


That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden.

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Raisins are shrivelled grapes.


How could you allow this?

The telephone rang several times.

What's taking him so long? He's been in there forever.

I may not make it to your party.

This is the hardest thing I've ever done.

The result is neither good nor bad.

Have you ever had a job?

Everything Donna did was groundbreaking.

People are beginning to notice Lui.

Woody doesn't want to go back to Boston.

The captain went to sea when he was nineteen.

The new law has done away with the long-standing custom.

Snow fell two meters deep.

We're stuck here for now.

Give Del any help you can.

We have had lots of typhoons this fall.

His girlfriend cheated on him, but she denied it until he caught her.

They say she and her husband can't agree on anything.

I missed you a lot while you were in Boston.

I feel fortunate to have known you.

Things can change.

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I don't care what you thought.

He'll be there.

Are you from round these parts?

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All you have to do is decide.


The timing is critical.

She didn't take the bait.

Can we talk about this later?

I've never been robbed.

He was envious of his way of living.

People in Minnesota are nice.

We're not as young as we used to be.

Last month our twenty-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby girl.

Yes, we were abroad, in Switzerland.

He could not send his son to college because of poverty.

Jimmy didn't even look at the letter Srikanth wrote to him.

The plane landed at Narita.

I'll stay until the day after tomorrow.