Rajarshi handed the salt shaker to Lex.

I'm getting along with him quite well.

These lines meet at right angles.

Have you ever seen Raanan angry?

Metin is panicking.

If you compare him with his older brother, you'll see the difference.


I see what you did there.

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The house went cheap.

The teacher caught the student cheating on the examination.

Ken threw a sushi party at his house.


We want to move to Boston.


He did it all out of kindness.

Sandeep walked in from the porch.

I know the girl you were talking to yesterday.

I don't believe the child came to Tokyo alone.

We can't have a press conference on Friday.


Pantelis had no comment.

Am I included?

I enjoyed working with Kemal last week in Boston.


What about your wife?


They insisted on my paying the money.


It's difficult to find another job.

This is Louie's idea, isn't it?

Are we really in 2015?

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What happened to the other one?

They treated her so cruelly as to leave few joys in life for her.

Dan claimed that Linda shot him.

Pim is organized.

They are in the teachers' room.

To my chief strategist, David Axelrod, who's been a partner with me every step of the way. To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! You made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

Don't take your eyes off him.

Did you get her something?

I'm not young like him.

She left the table several times to make phone calls.

I heard them.


It is difficult to live easy.

There's only one person under investigation.

Klaudia didn't make it to the station on time.

I knew Pontus would do something stupid.

I'd like to be a guitarist.


They wondered what to do first.

Have you told your parents about me?

Roger solved the problem easily.

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The strength of the chain is in the weakest link.

Don't count on Emil.

You need sleep as much as I do.


I'm going to meet with some students.

The family lived a wretched life during the war.

We meant it.

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Nicholas is incorrigible.

I'd really like to go to Boston with you.

Where did you blind them?


It'll be bad.


You shall do your duty.


She threw a glance at us.

Gilles didn't sound confident.

Who's calling at this hour?

They'll accept the gifts.

Both the reindeer ran by their side, and followed them as far as the boundaries of the country, where the first green leaves were budding.

I pressed her against me with delight.

The most beautiful heritage my ancestors had left me is an impeccable name, respected by all.

It is important for you to read many books.

She pushed me away.

I was wondering if you knew where Bud was.

Let's make believe that we're pirates.

It's quite serious.

Did you intend to kill them?

You'll find the house empty.

You are teachers.

He buys us newspapers.

Man should smell like a man.

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Ken stands on the diving board.

They're all good.

How about something to drink?

It is all the same for me.

Laurel approached cautiously.


Do you think you could make it before noon?

It is crazy of you to put your life at risk.

He was never to come here.

The Treasurer is being accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul to fund his austere budget.

This ship needs a new captain.

That was the most successful party we've ever had.

We'll get in touch with you.

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I should've left you a note.


The committee was split over the project.


I've heard that there's a new cake shop near the station that makes delicious cakes.

I don't really know what this means.

I was wrong; forget what I told you.

Not having heard from him, I wrote to him again.

The honor is more than I deserve.

I feel a little responsible.

He came to the throne by succession.

Cris opened his desk drawer, pulled a gun out, and aimed it at Mysore.

He is the chief of my department.

Michael glanced away.

I don't know what that's all about.

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We need to stop them.

Clean the mirror.

The FBI thwarted an assassination attempt against Mayor Matt Brown.

I'm a foreigner and I don't know Czech very well. Please, speak slowly.

We are teachers.

To be, or not to be?

It is just to remember god when one is prospering.

Don't lie anymore, OK?

The national health service takes care of you from womb to tomb.

I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Sooner or later, I'll probably visit Boston.

Oh, I didn't like the ending.

The group was made up of six girls and four guys.

That's serious.

I think I could handle that.


This house is ten years old, but that house over there is quite new.

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We haven't been able to determine that.

They offer an earnest prayer on the evening of December 24.

I had the documents sent to Nou.


I forgot to watch it.

Suu is the only boy who doesn't like football.

They won't allow us to enter the garden.

Water pollution is another problem.

He dressed him.


Cold water, please.


I'm not saluting your flag.

Liyuan walked in with snacks.

I sure hope Gypsy is right.

My feet are swollen.

"Is the supermarket open tonight?" "Yes, it is open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm."


What's the promotion?

He is the last man to do such a thing.

Hiroyuki and Margot agreed on everything.

I've always wanted to kiss you.

Tanaka is in bed with the flu.

His opinions carry weight.

Can I interest you in a game of cards?

I found the diary that my father kept for 30 years.

Let's try another place to eat today.

She's ruthless.

I got jealous.

Shannon was more than willing to cooperate with the police.

He's kicked out.

I spring with a start.

Guido opened the small box and emptied the contents on the table.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

What's everyone staring at?

It's been a long time since we last met.

What does your father do for a living?


When you drive in Japan, remember to keep to the left.

Hein never really wanted to go to Boston.

Yoko is unable to buy a computer.

We've come by the highway.

Have you ever driven manual?


The woman they were due to call has left.

Did Van Gogh really cut off one of his ears?

I would like to learn to play the piano, guitar or flute.


It's time to get your life together.

She is quick at figures.

You shouldn't lie to me.


Is it snowy?

You must be mad!

He washed her dirty hands before the meal.

Is this the train for London?

A mortgage rate of six percent is becoming the current industry average.

Where's your hat?

What would the prince like?

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I get along well with him.

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Miriam doesn't like to exercise.