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We'll cooperate.

Tell me how it happened.

Don't slip on the ice.

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She meant it.

You should get something to eat.

Raymond is unfair.


I have to find it.

She adapts herself to circumstances.

Please come in one by one.


Nowadays young men are apt to make light of learning.

I thought Louiqa would be dead by now.

She dressed like a boy.

What's the deal here?

The Cold War may have ended, but the fear of war has not yet been removed from the minds of men.

I'm not going to discuss it any further.

We're optimistic.

A fight started about nothing between them.

It's important to understand why.


My mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.

I don't really want to play tennis this afternoon.

Your daughter is very pretty.

In summer, we used to go swimming in the river.

Nobody calls me that.

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Pamela looks mortified.


Roxana was very kind.

Governments cannot be expected to solve this problem.

You're the only person I know that likes getting up early in the morning.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

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You won't solve anything by crying.

Let's make sure we've got everything we need.

Don't go up there.


Which side of the bed do you sleep?

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I awoke from a dream.


He was envious of her way of living.


He was knocked over by the car.

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I truly mean that.

I went swimming with her.

I'm going to do something by myself for a while.

A lunar eclipse will be visible tonight.

Nhan can always count on Florian for help.

Does he say it of his own knowledge?

She pays Vice well.

I think I'll try a little harder next time.

Titles and honours signify nothing to me.


I'm distressed by the daily squabbles.


Rajarshi can't give it to you now.

Mike has two girl friends.

She goes to the supermarket once a week.


I'm here to help them.


No one has ever called Christopher Columbus "Chris" and lived to do it a second time.

I warned you that Pratt was coming.

I've spoken with them.


Did Rich say anything to you about Sergio?


I love my country.

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How many chin-ups can you do, Donnie?


The President needs to sign a law regulating public spending.


I think he'll never return.


Lawrence poked the fire with a stick.

I think it is fun to go for a walk.

Where do the buses for downtown leave from?

What are you doing in a freezing place like this?

I told him to wear sunblock.

It's cute, and more importantly, of good quality.

I wrote it myself.

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She found what she wanted.

I broke up with my girlfriend.

Perhaps you would like to go first.

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We should try to understand each other.


Please send me a postcard.

I mortgaged my house.

Control yourselves.

I came up with a plan. It's a good one, I think.

Here's some medicine for diarrhea.

This is how we cook rice.

They'll get one soon enough.

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Please step back from the edge of the platform.

We'll be home all day tomorrow.

It's pretty standard.

To my great surprise, we won!

Kathy struggled to walk again after the accident.

She's planting flowers in the garden.

She has a distinct English accent.

That's what concerns me.

Sometimes it depends on luck.

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The airplane took off for London last night.

Perhaps you should call Beth.

Jan is very worried now.

Luck smiled on us then.

He is a living fossil!

I guess they really weren't hungry.

What do you think they want to do tomorrow evening?

You're speaking a little too fast for me. Would you speak a little more slowly?

I'm glad that makes you happy.

Nobody encouraged Vinod to work any harder.

She's now older and wiser.


Pull yourself together.

We just want you to think about it.

We sat in total silence.

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The page to which he is referring no longer exists.

You should try to get some sleep.

Benzene molecules are hexagonal in shape.


The downside of fame is scrutiny.

He already went to sleep.

He thinks only of making money.

She harbored the deserter.

Many people attended her funeral.

I took it upon myself to telephone the police.

I keep on forgetting that it has a touchscreen so I'm always selecting the wrong things!

I may have told you this story before.

I like doing this.

A cat has nine lives.

He reminded his wife to wake him up at 7:00 a.m.

I want to rent a car.

Are you through with your work?

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We suffered heavy damage from the typhoon.

Kidnappers usually want lots of money before they release a person.

Martin appeared intoxicated.

I didn't want to disturb them.

It is now a fully accepted idea that all occupations should be open to women.

I'm certain he's coming.

Dorothy asked Ro to zip up her dress.


Matthieu let his mind wander, considering the possibilities.

I don't know this neighborhood too well.

Marriage is the main cause of divorce.

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The general concentrated the soldiers in Paris.

Bill is honest all the time.

You'll be told in advance.

Call me as soon as you find Kiki.

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

There were some problems with continuity from the old administration to the new.

I didn't need to know anything else.


I'm only going to say this once, so you better listen.

It took me a lot less time to housebreak my German shepherd than it took to housebreak my other dog.

He can die from overwork.

He should have come.

Shawn and Sanjay said they were tired.

The boat was piloted safely into harbor.

Scientists are debating his theory about the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

Sonny said it was his fault.

The magazine article said that the value of the yen would rise.


Never did I expect to see her in such a place.

Does that suggest something to you?

Who are you working for now?


We were told that, due to the snow, we may go home.

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Merton translated the document from French into English.

They advise us to read their books.

What are the alternatives?


What language is this?

I wish you luck. You'll need it.

How can I find them?

The price shown in this advertisement only includes the frame.

He only works during the day.

She was the last guest.

I'm sorry, you seem to have misdialed the phone.

It will threaten the prosperity of the town.

While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.


I'm the office manager of a small law firm.

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He's rich, but unfriendly.